No whinging, please…Another holiday in South Africa…

The boys toasting to the events of the evening, the night we celebrated Rita’s birthday.  From left to right; Danie, Leon, Tom, Gerhard, and Ken.  What a fun night we had!

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

Tom tossed out some cut banana peels to the kudus and one landed on Big Daddy’s head between his massive horns of which he was well aware.  After eating these pellets he made his way to a tree using the branches to “sweep” off the wayward piece of banana peel.  It took him a few minutes to resolve the issue but once it was done, he walked away shaking his head a few times.  Sorry, Big Daddy!

OK, here’s more medical talk.  For those of you who are “sick” of it, I apologize.  For those of you, many who write frequently if I don’t report anything, here’s an update.

Us girls had our hands on the top of our heads for some reason.  From left to right; Louise, Dawn, Me, Linda and Rita, the birthday girl.  Kathy and Don sadly missed this party when they were away.
In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that  Dr. Theo had redressed the bandages on my legs including lathering on a double dose of that painful honey based cream which “eats” dead tissue and scabs, leaving a pinkish wound in its path which ultimately is quicker to heal in that particular state.

After we left his office, we headed to the local pharmacy to have my zillions of heart-related medications refilled for the next six months. In about three months, I’ll place another six-month refill with the online pharmacy I’ve been using since the onset of our travels, Progressive Rx.

Visiting dung beetle minus his ball of dung and his partner.

By sending them an email of the prescriptions bottles/boxes with the labels intact they can refill any non-scheduled prescription.  Their prices are reasonable, generally lower than any pharmacy in the US or Canada.  Their customer service is very good.

Zebra and two impalas sharing the lush greenery.

But, the request for refills must be sent in months in advance since their processing time is slow and the package often doesn’t arrive for six weeks.  This may not work for many seniors and others who may not be able to pay in advance when the prescriptions won’t be received quickly.

The slow arrival time has been the case, particularly for us, when receiving prescriptions while in other countries when the package has to go through customs and be approved for import.  

The chicks from several months ago had certainly grown.  Here they are, still hanging out with Mom and Dad.  Dad is in the back with the black feathers.  Youngsters and females have lighter colored feathers.

That is another reason we don’t wait to place an order.  Also, that’s a reason why narcotic prescriptions cannot be shipped.  We don’t use any narcotic medications so that isn’t an issue for us.

Yesterday, when we submitted the multiple prescriptions to the pharmacist, we expected they wouldn’t have the amounts we needed on hand.  However, they would order those they couldn’t fill for our pick up on Monday when again we have another appointment with Doc Theo, after tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) appointment as well.

Not Willie but Son of “Dad & Son” who visit every so often. “You got any of those pellets for me?”  Of course, we did.

I knew as I was in for a tough night after he applied the cream especially when he warned me to expect a fair amount of pain.  He wasn’t kidding.  A few hours after we returned to the house, I was practically climbing the walls.  

Every four hours, I took the pain meds but couldn’t seem to stay on top of it.  By bedtime, after I distracted myself for a couple of hours while we watched a few episodes of Ray Donovan on Showtime, I knew I was in for a tough night.  

It was a dreadfully hot day when I made eight pumpkin pies for our Thanksgiving dinner in the bush.  The temp was 40C, 104F and I had trouble with the dough rolling properly in the humid heat.  Thus, I made all of them with a thick crust, all I could manage in the heat and humidity  They tasted good anyway, so they said.

Overall, I may have slept three or fours hours but surprisingly, I don’t feel tired today.  The pain is now about 50% of what I experienced last night and I expect to sleep better tonight.

Isn’t it funny how everything is worse at night such as pain, worry, fear, and grief?  It seems our defenses are down as we attempt to free our minds of the day’s activities and thoughts.  Here’s a link to the connection between pain and sleep that provides useful information.

Another fun gathering at Frikkie’s Dam on a Sunday.

I’ve found that the less I complain, the better I feel.  It is so easy to get caught up in a vicious cycle of “whinging” (as “they” say in regard to “complaining” in both the UK and Australia) to a spouse or other member(s) of the household.  When I have severe pain, I tell Tom about it but generally try not to bring it up again, at least until a day or so has passed.

If complaining reduced pain, it certainly would be worth doing.  But, it doesn’t…and all it does for caregivers, family, and friends, is add to their own anxiety about your illness and their own feelings of hopelessness in trying to relieve your discomfort.

Two Big Daddies head butting for dominance.

Believe me, if Tom could take away the pain, he would.  And it’s his good attitude that rubs off on me aiding in reducing the healing time required to get well.  Also, he never questions or minimizes the extent of my discomfort when I do mention it.  I take great pleasure in getting well, not only for me but for him as well.

Bush-tailed bushbaby at Jabula’s veranda one Saturday night.

Tomorrow morning we’ll head back to Doc Theo for another dose of the cream and new bandages (they’re called “plasters” here in South Africa).  We’d made a reservation for dinner at Jabula for tomorrow evening but will wait and see how I’m feeling before we go.  We can readily get take-away if necessary but we’ll miss the socialization we so much enjoy at this fun establishment.  

When we first arrived in Marloth Park we couldn’t get enough biltong.  After several months, we’d had enough and stopped buying it.  Maybe one more time before we leave?

That’s it for today folks!  Tomorrow is another holiday in South Africa, Freedom Day, (click here for details), and if as many tourists come to Marloth Park as during other holidays, we expect our wildlife friends won’t be stopping by as frequently as they have this week.  We’ll see how it goes.

Happy day, happy Friday, happy weekend!


Photo from one year ago today, April 26, 2018:

A good-sized turtle crossing the road by our house.  For more photos, please click here.

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