Less flooding but still raining…No problem out and about…Giraffes in the garden…

It’s always a joy to see giraffes in the garden. This one made eye contact with me when I talked to her,

Whenever giraffes make their way into our garden, our hearts are filled with pure joy, feeling honored they’ve come for a visit. Although we see giraffes while driving on the roads in Marloth and Kruger National Parks, it’s all the more of a thrill to see them in our garden, especially while sitting at the table on the veranda.

What a sight this is when we see them coming our way!

We’ve seen this “tower” of six giraffes in the past, along with many others living in Marloth Park. We were surprised when they stopped by while it was still drizzling, but they didn’t seem to mind a bit and scoured the treetops with the same enthusiasm as usual. Giraffes have no competition for food since no other animals are as tall. However, certain trees can produce toxic-tasting tannins that drive giraffes away, as described here:

“Tannins are the bitter chemical you taste when you’ve left the teabag in for too long. They’re found in many plants, including giraffes’ preferred foodstuffs, such as Acacia trees. Overbrowsing by giraffes activates the trees’ defense mechanism and prompts increased production of these tannins.”

We often wish we could feed them something, but they don’t eat pellets or offerings made by humans in the wild.

Wow! Isn’t nature unique? Trees and plants can’t run away from predators. Instead, many produce a variety of toxins to protect themselves, as described in this interesting article from this site:

“Naturally Occurring Toxins in Vegetables and Fruits

  1. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals essential for growth and health and are important components of a healthy diet. However, some vegetables and fruits may contain natural toxins that could harm our health. Now and then, there have been reports of food poisoning cases suspected to have been caused by the consumption of raw vegetables and fruits containing natural toxins.
  2. Natural toxins are poisonous substances present naturally in fruits and vegetables. They are produced by plants to defend themselves against fungi, insects, and predators and offer a protective mechanism for the plant.

For the balance of this article, please click here. For those on specific diets, consideration, and education on this topic may be helpful.

Giraffe heads hidden in the bush while dining on fresh green leaves.

As for the rain, it has decreased in the past 24 hours, although, according to the weather reports, some rain and frequent drizzles are expected over the upcoming week. Fortunately, the river levels have gone down, and life is returning to normal in many areas.

The rain has been significant for the animals providing lush greenery for the voracious appetites.

Last night for the first time in days, we headed out to make our way to Jabula and experienced no difficulty on the paved Olifant Road or on the dirt road to the restaurant. Once inside, load shedding started, but with their generators running, we didn’t notice a thing. We had a friendly and chatty time at the bar, where we stayed to eat our dinner. By 8:00 pm, 2000 hrs., we were out the door and were thrilled to walk into our house, knowing load shedding wouldn’t impact us as it continued off and on over the next several hours.

We streamed the fifth episode of Yellowstone’s 1923 and were disappointed when the episode ended. Yellowstone and its multiple spinoffs are each worthy of watching. We enjoyed every episode of each show and look forward to more of these excellent series in the future.

“75 pounds, 34 kg per day is what It takes to fuel these large mammals. A giraffe will spend most of its day eating. Giraffes only need to drink once every several days because they get most of their water from the luscious plants they eat. Acacia trees host their favorite leaves.”

We both had a good night’s sleep and looked forward to another pleasant day in the bush.

Be well.

Little was having a spa day in the green algae. Photo from one year ago today, February 11, 2022:

“Pig in a pond.” For more photos, please click here.

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