On our own, once again…Content and at peace…

Full moon, clear and crisp over the Pacific Ocean.

After an entire month of family living with us, today we are alone. Late yesterday, Camille and Madighan moved to Kona to be closer to the airport and to languish poolside at an upscale hotel until their departure in a few days.

After an emotional goodbye to the last of our family members to leave, Tom and I grabbed chairs facing the ocean to do our own languishing of whale watching before the sunset. 

Another view of the moon rising.

The whales were hiding and for the first time and we didn’t see a single blowhole. Disappointed? We were not.  We wandered back indoors for dinner, content to return to our usual evening routine. It was over.

Was the family visit perfect?  No, it wasn’t.  But then, family visits over extended periods are rarely perfect. We all have our own routines and day to day needs and behavior, often contrary to those of others. We’re all unique.

Let’s face it…who among us can live easily with our grown children over many days, if not weeks in our case?  Although harmonious, we all had to adjust in one way or another. And we all did. 

Moon rising at sunset.
When it came time to say goodbye, we all did so with love and respect, unsure at this point when we’d see everyone again. Our grown children, from almost 40 to 47, have their own busy lives, their own family lives. 

The only difference between us and the grandparents that move to warmer climates is perhaps fewer visits every few years. We make every effort to stay in close touch via Skype face time, email, Facebook, and now a phone number we’ve added that makes it possible to pick up their cell phones and ring us without access to Skype.

So now, here we are, Tom and I, content and at peace, as we live in the moment in beautiful Pahoa, the fourth sunny day in a row, looking forward to some final exploration on our own to wrap up our remaining nine days on the Big Island.

Yesterday, Madighan and I finally made the gingerbread house.

Once again, we’ll begin discussing our future plans, researching our options including dates, destinations, flights, cruises, and expenses, all a part of our everyday lives.

Although the upcoming four months in Kauai is a little intimidating in its length of time, we’ll lick our wounds from this pricey holiday season and spend as much time as possible getting to know the island. 

She was so excited that we’d made the gingerbread house.

While in Maui, we’d come off of being on the go for months; two cruises, Paris, London with Normandy; Stonehenge; Cork, Iceland; Faroe Islands; Boston’s family visit; and then six days in Vancouver before the cruise to Honolulu. 

Having been so busy for a few months, Maui proved to be a resting point and we had little interest in exploring.  Luckily, the fabulous condo and ocean view made staying relatively quiet extremely rejuvenating.

A pink Trumpet flower.

Living on the Big Island has kept us on our toes with the family visit and now, alone again, we easily slide back into our pleasing routine of traveling the world, albeit stationary for a period of time knowing the exciting experiences that await us.

In a little over four months, we’ll be on our way to the South Pacific; Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Bali with more countries and planning yet to come. 

Huge pods growing on a local tree.

The excitement and enthusiasm are no less today than it was over two years ago when we left the US to begin our new lives. In many ways, it’s greater than in the past. We are no longer apprehensive and fearful having acquired the knowledge and experience that have begun to make us seasoned travelers.

Thanks to our readers for sharing this journey with us, for your comments, feedback, and suggestions, and for taking the time to read about not only the exciting days of our travels but also the mundane days of simply living life on the move.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

                                             Photo from one year ago today, January 6, 2014:

Clive, whom we may now believe is a “she,” aptly renamed Clove, when we’ve later seen her with chicks on Facebook, came to visit our house in Marloth Park for the first time on this date, one year ago. It was a delightful visit.  She/he wasn’t shy about letting us get close for photos. For details from that date, please click here.

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