Two family members remain…A visit to a resort with animals…A year ago…80 what in the yard???

This charming sheep posed for this photo without hesitation, obviously comfortable around people.

As time winds down for the extra days that daughter-in-law Camille and granddaughter Madighan are staying in the islands, we’re enjoying our remaining time together. They return to Minnesota on Friday.

The resident turtle at the resort.

With Madighan’s crazy rash under control since they relocated, we’re certain that something in the house or on the grounds may have caused the reaction. Now completely well, she’s able to spend a little time here with us with no consequences.

These chickens came running toward us with enthusiasm.

Yesterday, I visited them at their new place, a cozy resort no more than 15 minutes from our house, yet still considered to be in the Puna district, located in the city of Pahoa.

Camille and Madighan had a chance to pet one of the chickens. 

Seeing Madighan giggle over the chickens, sheep and giant turtle at the resort was a joy as shown in these photos. Ah, come on, it thrilled me as well.  I was desperately needing a little “animal fix” which I grasped when seeing these farm animals up close and personal.

A beam of light streaked across the sky from the lens of my camera.

We ended the day back at our house for dinner as we make every effort to use the frozen and fresh food we have left. Last night it was coconut chicken, oven-baked fries (none for me), roasted veggies, and salad. 

This freaky beam of light appears to be lightning was only a result of my playing with various settings on the came as I attempt to learn to get good moon shots.

Tonight, it will be burgers and marinated chicken tenders on the grill, more roasted veggies, tin foil wrapped grilled potatoes (with onions, butter, and bacon on non-stick foil on the dull side), and more salad.

Clouds gathering in front of our view of the moon.

Watching the weather today will determine what activities the day holds. If the weather is cloudy, we may decide to go to Mount Kilauea or if sunny, hang out at the pool at Camille and Madighan’s resort. With the unpredictable weather in the islands, it can change on a dime, making a fast turnaround in a day’s plans.

We were in awe of the reddish tints surrounding our view of the moon last night.

Last night’s full moon brought us outdoors to take a few photos which we share with you today. It was odd to see the new renters that have moved in yesterday our “old” house next door. Looking at them, I felt a pang of “what are you doing in my yard?” 

On our way to the resort traveling on the 20 MPH Railroad Road which opened in the event the lava crossing Highway 130, we spotted this sign.

The feeling quickly dissipated when the moon caught our attention and we were once again, swept away in a romantic moment of the wonder of our world.

Pool or volcano or what? Tomorrow, we’ll share the details.

Have a marvelous Monday!

                                             Photo from one year ago today, January 5, 2014:

Eighty impalas visited us in the yard in Marloth Park, one year ago today. If we so much as moved, they’d all run off. Sitting at the table on the veranda, I remained motionless taking the photos and videos as shown at our link. Please click here.

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