It’s a hard act to follow…Is a second round worthwhile? Photo, last night’s American style dinner…

Workers in the rice fields in Bali.

“Sightings on the Beach in Bali”

These men were getting ready to go snorkeling with the aim of fishing with nets.

It’s almost like I can’t find words after yesterday’s post that got answers from around the world. We both received many comments and likes on Facebook, comments on posts and many emails wishing us well after posting our new 669 day itinerary. 

If you missed the itinerary yesterday, please click here to see where we’ll be heading over this next extended period.

Our friends in South Africa have made the upcoming return to Marloth Park in 16 months all the more exciting by their enthusiastic responses and arms opened wide to welcome us back to their little piece of heaven. 

One of our Ketuts sweeping the grass with a handmade broom.

We even went as far as booking Jabula Lodge & Restaurant in Marloth Park for the evening of my 70th birthday on February 20, 2018. Leon and Dawn, the owners who became dear friends during our last stay in 2013/2014 confirmed our reservation for the group of us or any more who’d like to attend. 

I can’t wait to feast on a big plate of Peri Peri Chicken Livers while Tom devours Espetada, a huge upright skewer speared with chunks of roasted meat. The food was always cooked to perfection for my way of eating.

The people, the food, the service, the ice cold drinks are exceptional at this fun restaurant where we’d previously dined a few nights a week and we’ll dine once again when we’re back in their midst. Maybe I’ll only have to cook a few nights a week when we return!

Our close up of a grasshopper. Each day while in the pool we rescue several grasshoppers and other insects who accidentally ended up in the water and appear to be drowning when they can’t get out.

There are so many aspects about Marloth Park that call to us.  There’s the people; friendly, warm and so willing to include us in their lives. Laughter and merriment come easily for these dual language citizens who speak fluent English and Afrikaans. Then, there’s a few gringos, like us, who possess the same outrageously welcoming persona.

But, then, dear readers, is the infinite delight when the wild animals visit us each day wherever we may live within the game reserve, who make our hearts race with excitement when each day they “come to call.” 

Adding to that daily joyful experience is visiting Kruger National Park, a short distance away, entering Crocodile Bridge to see the cross languishing on the shore and the hippos bellowing. 

Lovely beach scenery while driving along the highway.

Upon entering the massive reserve we’ll be spotting elephants, lions, cape buffalo, leopards and rhinos, the proverbial “Big Five” and more which we’ve been fortunate to see many times in our past visit to Africa.

Whether its my favorite warthogs with growing babies following moms close behind or a herd of male zebras who come to scratch their backs on the trees, drink from the swimming pool and look for a handout.

They all love the taste of the pellets we’ll have handy in 88 pounds, 40 kilogram bags that we’ll offer to every visitor, except the giraffes who can’t bend down to eat from our hands or from the ground. And yet, they, too, still “come to call.”

Temple and Hindu celebration on the beach.

From the best biltong (jerky) in the world and fresh meat at the local market, to the organic vegetables from the farmer next door, the tiny Marloth Park Shopping Centre is charming and fun to visit. Every other week, we traveled to Komatipoort to the supermarket and data store to add data to our devices. Again, we’ll do the same.

We haven’t selected a vacation home yet for either of the two stays in 2018. Louise and Danie, our hosts and landlords who also became dear friends, own and manage a number of properties (click here for their site with numerous options) and have promised we won’t have to sleep in a tent. 

Then again, in the nearby Kruger National Park, many tourists do exactly that. We aren’t slightly concerned, certain Louise and Danie will ensure we’re able to stay in wonderful homes in Marloth Park. We’ll surely pin something down as the time nears.

What a fine meal we had last night and will again tonight using the mince (grass fed ground beef) we’d purchased in Denpasar the day we began the drive to the villa;  a hard boiled egg stuffed, bacon wrapped meatloaf with homemade low carb ketchup, coleslaw and sautéed Balinese vegetables. The cooks did a fabulous job making our American style recipe.

Well, I suppose that’s enough about Africa for now. We still have “lots of fish to fry” in the upcoming months and years.  wo weeks from today, we’re leaving the villa to begin the two travel days required to make our way to Sydney, Australia for the 33-night cruise.

We’re cherishing every last moment of these two remaining weeks in Bali when now as we speak, we’re comfortably ensconced in chaise lounges overlooking the infinity pool and the sea, with little doubt that sometimes, maybe sometimes, a second round may be worth it all.

Happy day!

Photo from one year ago today, October 15, 2015:
Horses on the grounds of Namale Resort in Fiji owned by the speaker/writer Anthony Robbins where we later visited on our three year anniversary on October 31st. For more photos, please click here.

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