Happy Mother’s Day to all!…We’re off to brunch with the family…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and grandmas!

This morning, we’re rushing to get out the door to go to Mother’s Day brunch at a fabulous restaurant downtown Minneapolis, Cosmos, with Greg, our three grandchildren, Heather, and two of her children, whom we’ll meet for the first time. We would have been just as content to go to a Perkins or other casual restaurant, but on this day, it would be impossible to get a table without waiting for an hour or more in the crowded lobby area.

I am making this a short post since we’ll have to get out the door in about 20 minutes to arrive at the venue for the 10:45 reservation. Parking downtown will be at a premium, so we want to ensure we arrive on time.

Since we arrived here last Wednesday evening, we have been busy every day and evening with family and have had a great time. Knowing this will continue over the next few months, making the time pass more quickly until my upcoming appointments at Cleveland Clinic on August 28, gives me peace of mind while we both thoroughly enjoy ourselves.

We thought last night would be quiet, spending time in the hotel room while we munched on items we’d purchased at the grocery store for light meals when we didn’t feel like dining out. This hotel room has a refrigerator but not a microwave or stove. However, we can use the microwave in the main floor kitchen whenever we’d like.

As we settled in for the evening, Tom noticed a message from nephew Kevin asking if we wanted to come to Mary and Eugene’s home to play cards. We jumped at the chance, and by 4:00 pm, after stopping for food to bring, we were situated at their table, ready to begin playing Buck Euchre. We had a great time and returned to the hotel by 11:00 pm.

We move to another nearby hotel with a kitchen on May 23. We’ll decide whether to stay there through the long wait or return here during that period. The determining factor will be determining how important a kitchen is to us. We like this Hyatt hotel but will try a Residence Inn until June 11. We shall see how it goes.

It’s time for us to head out. We’ll be back tomorrow with more.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, May 12, 2014:

The jewelry prices were very reasonable in the souk in Marrakesh, Morocco. For more photos, please click here.

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