Happy Birthday Tom…It’s your day to celebrate…It’s our day to treasure…Big guy, one year ago..

Yesterday, we spotted this humpback whale and got this shot from the lanai. We couldn’t have been more thrilled!

There’s a 100% chance of rain today. Our day trip plans are squashed.The mist across the ocean impedes our views making whale watching fruitless.

The raging sea.

But, last night the last of our family arrived and it’s Tom’s 62nd birthday. What more could we ask for? Oh, most likely some of the kids will take off to explore in the rain while Tom and I will happily stay behind with those who prefer to stay in like us. We’ve had our fill of sightseeing in the pouring rain. 

Picnic area at the park at the end of our road.

Besides, we have five more months in the islands with plenty of sunny days to explore. And, this is their family vacation and we encourage them to do what makes them happy.

The side view of our second house.

Last night, we chatted with son Greg for a few hours. After two years and two months of not sitting face to face, it was beyond enjoyable, as it’s been chatting with all of our family.

The park at the end of the road.

As for Tom’s birthday, we’ll find something else to do instead of going to see the volcano, a much better outing on a clear day. Tonight, we have a reservation for dinner at 6:00 pm for his “birthday party.”

The entrance to the park at the end of the road.

With all the activity on hand at the moment and plans being considered for the day, we’re cutting it short with a few new photos.

Along the path to the park.

Happy birthday to my darling husband. Thank you for being the best travel companion, lover, and friend in the world. I love our lives together and love you with all of my heart.

The path at the park.

Have a tremendous Tuesday as we approach the holiday season.

                                          Photo from one year ago today, December 23, 2013:

A year ago, on the previous night, we’d gone on a safari in Kruger National Park and got this shot of a hippo at sunset with the sun behind him. For more safari photos, please click here.

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