Merry Christmas Eve everyone…Events of the past day…More to follow as we celebrate the holiday season…

Nature abounds on the island.

It’s hard to believe that it’s Christmas already. Last night, for Tom’s birthday, three families were in attendance for dinner at the restaurant except for Greg and Camille and two of three little ones who returned home, exhausted after a long day.

The view through the hearty vegetation that seems to be immune from the ravages of salty seawater.

Maisie, the oldest, joined us for dinner at the Hilo Burger. Tom had spent the day with his side of the family swimming at a tide pool in the rain while I joined Greg and family for shopping and a movie on the heavily rainy day.

Peculiar looking plants growing in our neighborhood.

For Tom’s birthday, Tammy and family had purchased a huge beautiful cake, decorated with “Hau’ oli La Hanua” which is “Happy Birthday” in Hawaiian. He and the family loved the moist and delicious cake with more to spare over the next few days.

Beach scene.

Typical from years passed, Greg and I watch a science fiction movie, “Interstellar” while Camille took the little ones to “Penguins of Madagascar.” It was a great day.

Boating could be challenging in shallower waters near the coast with many large and small lava formations.

As a blended family with both Tom and I having two grown children, we’d decided early on, that we’d split up and be with our biological families if activities varied and we couldn’t all be together. Of course, we’re spending Christmas Eve and day together, all 14 of at a local beach park. 

A field of lava on the right side of the road.

They all took off today for a day at the beach, an over two-hour drive from here. Tom and I stayed behind to prepare food for this evening and for tomorrow’s day at the beach in Hilo. Our hands will be full but we’re content to stay home on yet another cloudy day with much to prep.

Yesterday, I made a mistake and purchased a new Acer computer at Walmart with what appeared to have all the specs I desired. Alas, last night, I discovered that “touch” referred to the mouse pad, not the screen.

A field of lava on the left side of the road.

After using touch screens for over two years I’m not about to go back to the old way and will have no choice but to return it in the next few weeks after the holiday return season has passed. In the interim, I’ll order the correct model online in the next few weeks. Oh, the digital drama never ceases, for us, often self-induced!

With varying sleeping schedules, it’s never easy having families together. I’m an “early to bed and early to rise” person. It’s ironic how our own families seem to follow suit on the sleeping schedules. 

A pretty shoreline.

But, we remind ourselves, it’s only sleep, and being together is what matters the most. I need to bite the bullet and have toothpicks hold up my eyelids to stay up later. It will cost me two hours of sleep but, in the realm of things, it doesn’t really matter. I can sleep more in January.

Tom is the proverbial night owl, having accommodated me for over two years. It’s time for me to step up to the plate. Over this holiday season, I will definitely do so.

The raging surf creates many swirling pools.

So now, it’s time for me to take care of Christmas festivities, do some chopping and dicing and get ready for Santa who apparently is going to be able to find the kids enjoying life on the beautiful Big Island, with the lava flow stalled at the moment.

May all of you who celebrate Christmas have a fulfilling and blessed holiday season. We sure will.

                                         Photo from one year ago today, December 24, 2013:

A tree frog croaking within feet of the quickly disappearing white foam nest that had been fertilized by the males a week earlier. For details and our annual Christmas poem, please click here.

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