Getting back into the groove after the holiday…Thinking about good health in the New Year…

Zebras were running around a circular path playfully chasing one another.

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

See the zebra foal nursing on the opposite side of her mom.

We were rushing a bit today. It’s a gorgeous day, less humid than usual, and we are anxious to get out for a drive. We rousted up a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs with onions and cheese, which seems to be our favorite quick breakfast of late. I can whip this up in about five minutes.


We eat many eggs, eight jumbos to be exact, split between us with about three for me and five for Tom. Our way of eating this breakfast will hold us all day without a hunger pang or thought of food.

We saw no less than 17 giraffes in the parkland.

It isn’t until around 1800 hours (6:00 pm) that we start to think about our low carb, grain, starch, and sugar-free dinner, usually having it all ready to enjoy by 1900 hours (7:00 pm). After dinner, neither of us eats a thing. The exception to this is when we’ve had dinner guests, and Tom may finish off a dessert.

By following this routine, we both can keep our weight and health under control.  It was a wonderful feeling not to have gained weight over the holidays, and yet we had many excellent meals along the way.

Staying healthy isn’t always easy. We’re not exempt from occasional discomforts, colds, flu, and viruses that we may be exposed to. Then, of course, there’s exposure to a wide array of insect bites (on me) that may become out of control and difficult to deal with.

There were no less than two dozen zebras in the same area as the giraffes.

Each day, every four hours, I load up on repellent. Now that I’m using a non-toxic, non-DEET product, I feel better about having to reapply so often. I go through one entire tube of OnGuard and a half bottle of the pump spray, doing touch-ups after cooking and washing my hands frequently.  

It’s is awful getting bites on my fingers and hands, which are often neglected when applying lotion, later to rinse off one’s hand. Also, my feet are particularly vulnerable, especially around the toes and ankles. It was awful to be awakened during the night with an itching toe that I may have missed when applying repellent before bed.

The giraffes were enjoying the fresh greenery from recent rains.

Tom doesn’t care to use the mosquito netting, which I understand. Subsequently, we always keep the bedroom door shut, day and night. This helps tremendously.

If we encounter a single fly or mosquitos or another insect in the bedroom, we immediately get to work to eliminate it. My conscience doesn’t bother me to kill a mosquito or fly. However, many other insects are vital to the environment. Those we attempt to catch in a cup or dustpan and send them outside to live their lives as intended.

For the first time in almost 11 months, yesterday, we noticed a big pile of poop in the driveway. Many forms of wildlife are ruminants with several stomachs, and their excrement is small and pellet-like, even giraffes. Being around all these animals attracts certain insects.

Such majestic animals.

On the other hand, Zebras have one stomach and are loudly gassy, and have enormous piles of poop. We often giggle when they visit and pass loud gassy sounds (for the sake of not using the “f” word…gross) when they kick at one another in competition for food.

Living in the bush is not a sanitary situation. We have to wash our feet before going to bed and constantly wash our hands from dust on our laptops and all over the house, which is cleaned well daily. I frequently wash the kitchen counters with Windex to keep the flying dust and bug matter under control.

In the past few days, zebras have returned to the garden. Finally!

We go barefoot all day when staying in but wear shoes when walking out into the garden or on the dirt.  All of this is the price one pays for being in a magical environment.

As the days of the new year move along, we’re looking forward to seeing and interacting with all of our usual wildlife friends. As a matter of fact, we can’t ever get enough.

Ouch…41 days and counting.

Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, January 4, 2018:

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