Frightening events in the US including our former home state…Is Bali safe? Not necessarily…

What a pleasant environment for cattle, lush green pastures and plenty of shade located on a oceanfront property.
“Sightings on the Beach in Bali”

Family gatherings on the beach amid the trash that rolls in with the tide along with trash left behind by locals and visitors.  Bali hasn’t yet embraced the concept of keeping their island and beaches less cluttered with garbage.  However, a large portion of the beach trash is a result of that left at sea by others.

With no English speaking TV stations in Bali, the only way we’ve been able to stay on top of world news has been through the Internet.  With the slow Wi-Fi in the area its been challenging but we’ve managed to read the major news each day.

Reading about yesterday’s multiple attacks in the US was sickening and disheartening; one in New York; another in New Jersey and a third transpiring in a mall 70 miles from where we’d previously lived.  It makes one wonder if its safe to shop at malls when so many terroristic attacks transpire within their walls.

These cattle appear to be a little fatter in Bali than we’ve seen in many less developed countries.

This morning, while researching online for information about terroristic
attacks in Bali to date in 2016, we were shocked to see their was new bomb
blast a few nights ago, in two areas in Bali, one at a resort in Kuta, the town where we’ve stayed
overnight in a hotel on two previous occasions with one more booking  upcoming on
October 29th before flying to Sydney. The second attack was in Jimbaran Beach, south of Kuta.

See this news story here:

Of course, this gives us pause.  But then again, how do we feel about
visiting a mall in Minnesota next summer where we’ve planned to go to purchase
new clothing to replace the old and fast wearing  clothing we have with us now. 

The small town’s business sections are jammed with temples, mosques, restaurants and shops.

Also, we’d considered visiting a mall in Australia during our upcoming 33 night cruise when our ship arrives in 
port at various cities.  We hoped to purchase a few items to get us through the next
several months.  Do we think twice about that too?  Australia has fallen prey to
numerous terroristic attacks over these past years.

I won’t go into details about these attacks.  We have no doubt, if you watch
any local or world news, you’ve seen the stories repeated over and over again. 
We find being informed is so important but being frightened only serves a
purpose in avoiding the most high risk areas when possible.

We’ve crossed many river bridges such as shown here.

After reading about the US attacks, we’re concerned for the safety of our
family.  Will our adult children listen to us if we warned them to avoid public
venues?  No, not at all. Their lives often revolve around visiting crowded venues
with their families on regular occasions; ballgames; parks; zoos; malls;
restaurants; amusement parks; public buildings and on and on.

We wonder if any of us should temper the quality of our lives by becoming
quasi-hermits, avoiding all high risk locations.  Its entirely unrealistic, even
for us, where we ultimately have considerable control over where we go and what
we do. 

Although beaches are often cluttered with debris, the scenes are still pretty.  We never tire of looking at the blue waters.

In the process of continuing with our world travels as we fully
intend, we surely can’t avoid airports which pose a high risk although, we’ve made a concerted effort to
avoid certain public transportation when possible such as train stations, buses and heavily populated
venues in risky areas.

Who’s to determine what is a high risk area?  All the research in the world
can’t cover the possible discovery of new locations where horrific incidents
continually occur, unanticipated and often considered unlikely.

Private oceanfront property, an excellent lot.

As we stated on numerous occasions, no place on the earth is exempt from risk
whether terror attacks, accidents, or natural disasters.  We try not to live in
fear, as we’re certain is the case for most of you living in seeming innocuous
areas.  In essence, there is no such thing as an innocuous area.

One could live on a remote island in one of the most remote areas of the
world and still not be entirely safe.  A crazed and unstable individual with any
type of weapon could attack the unsuspecting, the unprepared and the poorly
defensive, ill equipped to defend themselves and those they love. 

There are a few parks scattered along the ocean drive.

Nature can be the ultimate beast when more lives are lost each year from
horrific weather conditions and natural disasters than terror attacks
worldwide.  Even the state of our personal health is at risk at any given
moment.  Only we have a modicum of control in ensuring our personal safety in
that area through living as healthy a lifestyle as possible and proceeding in
our daily activities with sensibility.

No, an 80 year old with knee problems shouldn’t climb a ladder to change a
light bulb.  Nor should an 65 year old retiree start riding a motorbike in Bali
on the harrowing roads when they’ve never done so in the past. 

Numerous mosques and temples are easy to access on the highway from Denspasar.

We choose to life on the cautious side with health and safety our first
consideration while still striving to fulfill our dreams by witnessing what we’d
never imagined possible, by experiencing the nuances of daily life for others in
our midst and for embracing the beauty, not the ugly, of the world around us.

Stay safe, living life to the fullest.


Photo from one year ago today, September 19, 2015:

Fiji’s coral reef is second to none in the world and a favorite location for scuba divers.  For more details and photos, please click here.

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