Finally, we found travel insurance…

This photo is similar to a photo we posted a few days ago, but we couldn’t resist posting this alternate view.

Fascinating Fact of the Day About Ireland 

“Contrary to popular belief, and despite being the
Patron Saint of Ireland,
St. Patrick was not actually from Ireland. Born in Wales around 386 AD, he was
in fact captured by the Irish and sold into slavery, working as a shepherd in
the West of Ireland. Later in life, he returned to Ireland as a missionary,
helping to spread Christianity in Ireland.”

It’s been difficult finding health insurance for me based on two factors; my age, 71, and my preexisting condition after cardiac bypass surgery.  The new policy requires 180 days to have passed since any surgery or medical treatment.  

This 180 day period will have transpired once the insurance goes into effect on August 11,  2019, the day we board the ship.  At that point, the waiting period is off by one day but, they have a two-day grace period which confirmation I received in an email from the company.

Lovely scenery even on a cloudy day.

These two risk factors made us fearful that we’d never find insurance for me.  We’d done hours of research and finally found a company and policy that works for us.  The company, UnitedHealthcare Global may be found at this link.

Today, after posting here, we’ll sign up and pay for the policy which will run from August 11th to November 8th, the day we arrive in the US where we’ll stay for a total of 83 days in three states.  

The coverage doesn’t cover stays in the US and thus we’ve decided to pay for the period ending November 8th when we arrive in the US.  Subsequently, we’ll purchase a one-year policy beginning on January 30th, when we fly to India.  This is an ideal plan for us.  Each year we’ll renew for appropriate periods excluding the US visits.

Across an inlet.

This gives me great peace of mind.  I was losing sleep over this, worrying we’d be traveling without insurance.  If you’re interested in pricing for this type of policy there is an app at their site which calculates many factors to determine your rate.  

We do not have to pay an “upcharge” for my preexisting conditions
The policy includes evacuation insurance.  The prices are lower than most and the benefits are many.

View of mountains and sea.  Such lush greenery which Ireland is known for, The Emerald Isle.

Soon, we’ll cancel our existing policy which does us little good at this point, especially as we continue to deal with their non-payment of my claims.  More on that later, when we know what’s going to transpire.

It’s another windy, rainy and overcast day.  Since the grounds around us are covered in vegetation and weeds, the pollen in the air is intense.  Both Tom and I are sneezing a lot.  

With only 15 days until we leave Connemara to head back to Dublin, we’ll be ready to be on the move.  We’ll spend one night in Dublin and two nights in Amsterdam and then…the Baltic cruise will begin.  

More cattle along the driveway from our house to the road could be mom, dad and, calves.

Both of us are excited about this upcoming change, looking forward to the cruise and the two months we’ll spend in four locations in England, living in the countryside, fulfilling one more of our travel dreams.

Happy day!


Photo from one year ago today, July 23, 2018:

A wildlife wonderland as seen from Marloth Park.  For more similar photos, please click here.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Hi Jess, so glad you guys found health insurance. I looked at this as an option for us but it appears to be only available to residents of the USA. Am I missing something or is that the case? Good news that you are feeling much better recently. Enjoy all your upcoming travels. All the best from us both. Susan & Blair

  2. Jessica Reply

    Susan and Blair, I wish we had a definitive answer for you regarding the health insurance. We never questioned if it is for US citizens only. You may want to call and speak to someone. They are good at quickly responding to inquiries during business hours listed on their site. Hope you both are doing well and continuing to enjoy your world travels.

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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