Final new photos from Trinity Beach…Tomorrow, our favorite photos in Australia…Next day…final expenses and we’re off…

This morning I shot these gorgeous yellow flowers.

As we wind down the remaining two days in Queensland, Australia, we’re planning the posts over the next several days. With many of our readers one day behind us, please keep that in mind when reviewing our upcoming posts, when we say it’s Monday, it will be Sunday in your part of the world.

We plan to post each of the next following days with photos. On Monday, with an afternoon departure to Sydney, we’ll have time to post our final favorite photos and total expenses for the three months we spent in Trinity Beach.

Trinity Beach, another sunny day at the sea.

On Tuesday, with a 6:30 am departure from Sydney to Fiji with a connecting flight between islands, it’s likely we may not be able to post based on information we read for wifi at the Nadi, Fiji airport. If it’s available, we will post photos.

In the worst case, we’ll be missing one post on Tuesday (perhaps on your Monday). Otherwise, we’ll be back on Wednesday with an update on our arrival and photos of our new home. 

The stairway leads to an overlook.

We can hardly wait to have these two travel days behind us. Neither of us enjoys flying, mostly due to the waiting and the baggage commotion. Then again, boarding a ship isn’t the most pleasant experience either, spending considerable time waiting on either end.

Cove at the beach where a little blue tent protects a beach-goer from the intense sun.

Travel days are stressful for Tom, even if everything goes well. At times, there’s an issue with our baggage or another matter that sends him into a tailspin although, there have been a few flights that have been seamless and he stayed calm. My rationale is simple, get us there safely and I’m content. The rest? Hopefully, it will be over in no time at all.

The sun rising over Yorkeys Knob, photo taken from our veranda, another excellent view we’ll remember in years to come.

These last few days always feel a bit unsettled. Mostly packed, we don’t have much we have to do. We’ve totally lost interest in sightseeing at this point and have begun to fill our heads with thoughts of our new location and getting the travel days behind us.

Yesterday, I prepared everything for our final meals for tonight and tomorrow night. I’d purchased and made exactly the correct amounts for Tom’s breakfasts and midday snacks. 

The kangaroos and wallabies that we’d previously seen at this nearby spot have moved on to greener pastures. We only spotted these two at a distance when we visited the area for the last time.  We visited this spot many times in the past three months.

I plan to have a late lunch before we depart on Monday since the airline food is never right for me even if I list my requirements on the airline’s website. As a result, I no longer bother to enter the information, giving Tom whatever they serve me.

Various types of fern trees are common in Australia.

In the past when I’ve requested a special meal, they always served me fruit and processed meats, of which, I eat neither. I don’t expect nor am I disappointed that the airlines aren’t able to accommodate my way of eating. It’s too peculiar for their constraints and I fully accept this.

Flowers blooming over the pool area.

At Woolie’s, I purchased a bag of raw almonds for snaking during dinner on the flight, if I’m hungry after the late lunch. With this way of eating I’m seldom hungry and at times, force myself to have a meal, especially if I’d eaten anything within the past eight hours. What’s the point of eating when one isn’t hungry? Our bodies have a magical way of letting us know when we need food or drink. 

Impatiens continue to flourish in the yard.

Today, a sunny day will be perfect for a short stint in the sun. Now that the packages are sent and packing is under control, there’s little else to do but lounge and enjoy the fresh outdoors as much as possible.

Our final photo overlooking the rainforest to Double Island.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our favorite photos we’ve taken in Australia. Thanks to all of our worldwide readers for staying with us during these quiet, less exciting times especially as we wind down the last few mundane days in a location. Soon, the excitement will be ramped up as life in a new country begins!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Photo from one year ago today, September 5, 2014:

One year ago today, we visited the Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland. Tom had visited Ireland twice in his life before we met but, he was excited to show me this historic site. For more details, please click here

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