Figuring out the most simple things is often challenging…Feedback from our readers, please…How often do you go to a doctor when feeling well?

Double Island is often shown in many of our ocean view photos.

At times, we find figuring out the seemingly simplest things becomes tricky while outside of our home country.  It’s not due to any difficulty generated by any other country in particular. It’s simply the fact that everything is different in each country.

Recently, I began searching online to order a year’s supply of my contact lenses. Should be relatively easy.  Unfortunately, my prescription is three years old and the familiar brand that I’ve used for years has been discontinued.

Trees and vegetation are often seen growing along the beaches.

In order to make a new purchase, I’d have to pay for a new eye exam here in Australia and start all over again.  I don’t feel like doing this nor do I want to purchase a brand that may not be readily available as we continue on our travels. Also, my prescription hasn’t changed. I can still see perfectly with my current prescription.

Scout Island doesn’t look too inviting and isn’t occupied.

I only have common age-related far-sightedness, resulting in difficulty in reading small print, corrected with bifocal contacts, a different prescription in each eye. It works great for me and has done so for the past 25 years without difficulty.

In the US, an eye exam prescription is good for two years and the same applies in Australia. Sticking my neck out, I asked my old optician in Minnesota to send me a year’s supply of a new brand with me taking the risk that they’ll work. 

A handmade swing at the beach.

Finally, they agreed and as of a call I made to them this morning, they’ve agreed to send me only a one year supply of a new brand that should work well when it matches my prescription. Rather than have them send them directly to me in Australia and in order to make it simple, I asked them to send them to our mailing service in Nevada.

Before we leave Trinity Beach, we’ll order a new box of supplies and have them mailed to us. In Australia, if the contents of a package shipped from outside the country into the country has a value of less than AUD $1000, US $773, no taxes or customs fees are required. We’ll keep close tabs on the value of the contents as we add to the items we’ll eventually have shipped to us.

Sandy beach on a cloudy day.

Once again, we must address the teeth cleaning issue after canceling our appointments in Maui when Tom didn’t feel comfortable with the odd scenario of the location and office setup of the makeshift dentist’s office. We’ll check with our landlords and also check online for reviews.

Recently, we’ve decided it may be time to make doctor appointments for both of us for a general check-up and blood tests which neither of us are excited to do when we’re both feeling so well. Our insurance doesn’t pay for office visits or tests and this could easily run into quite a bill. Its been almost three years since either of us had a physical exam. 

Double Island is privately owned.

We’d love feedback from our readers and you may do so anonymously at the end of this post by clicking on the “comment” link. How often do you see the dentist when you’re teeth feel clean and without problems? How often do you see a doctor when you’re feeling well?

Today, we’re off to the fitness center and for another exploratory drive in the area. There’s so much to see in our immediate surroundings as we continue to post photos. 

There are plenty of condo and apartment complexes in Trinity Beach and the surrounding areas.

One day soon, we’ll head out of town. For now, we’re so content that its difficult to become motivated to take a road trip especially when its been cloudy and rainy most days. We’re hoping that by next week we’ll be ready to take off for a day.

Soon, we’ll be leaving for the fitness center and another drive exploring this amazing area. Have a fabulous day!

Photo from one year ago today, June 26, 2014:

The small island of Madeira had many points of interest to explore within a short distance of our home. We certainly enjoyed our time on the beautiful, historical island. For more details, please click here.

Comments and responses Figuring out the most simple things is often challenging…Feedback from our readers, please…How often do you go to a doctor when feeling well?

  1. Anonymous Reply

    To your question: We don't go to the MD if we are feeling fine. We do go to the Dentists every 6 months for a cleaning and such but since going low carb I have noticed I haven't had any cavities and the cleaning is a lot easier. We do go to the eye doctor every year and have found our prescriptions do change slightly.
    Hope you both remain in good health! Joanette

  2. Jessica Reply

    Joanette, thank for you response to our question! Many have written to us via email explaining that they do go to the doctor and dentist at least once a year. Tom and I are taking the responses very seriously and will soon make a decision for both of these.

    Wonderful to hear from you once again. We appreciate your comments.

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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