Fabulous time with friends…

Ms. Warthog’s pose #1.

“Sighting of the Day in Bush”

The hornbills are trying to reclaim the use of the bushbaby house from the blue starlings who’ve already built a nest inside.

It must admit I’m having trouble preparing today’s post due to the fact that Tom and Lois are here. Having guests at our temporary bush home is indescribably wonderful.  

Ms. Warthog’s pose #2..

The lively conversation, the laughter, the interactions, the wildlife watching, and delicious mealtimes together are beyond all of our expectations. To see how much they’re enjoying seeing our wildlife friends is such a joy as we describe what we’ve learned along the way.

Egyptian geese on the river at sunset.

We asked if they wanted us to give commentary on the wildlife as we see them and they enthusiastically encouraged us to do so. They want to absorb everything they can during the three weeks they’ll spend with us.

Their visit here is ending on November 1st when they fly back to the US to continue on their extensive touring of the USA on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.  Such adventurers!

View of the Crocodile River from the veranda at Aamazing River View restaurant.

After traveling for over 29 hours from the time you left their home in New Jersey, they finally arrived here at almost 1400 hours (2:00 pm). Of course, they were exhausted but have since recovered after a good night’s rest.

Egyptian geese preening by the river.

This morning we gathered around the big table on the veranda with coffee and tea and again, the lively conversation ensued. A few minutes ago we finished breakfast which included a flourless quiche, leftover slices of filet mignon (from last night’s dinner), and our popular broccoli salad. 

Once our food settles we’re taking off for the Crocodile River where we’ll spend a few hours watching for wildlife. Louise loaned us four portable chairs we’ll keep in the car so we can stop and relax while focusing on searching for good sightings along the way.

Cattle egret standing on a rock in the river.

Need I say, we’re confident we’ll have plenty of fun with Tom and Lois over these next three weeks, ensuring they have an opportunity to experience many of the wonders in this part of the country.

Pretty little bird on the river.

Between the time I wrote the above and this moment, we went out and did our usual drive in Marloth Park. At first, we were concerned we wouldn’t see much and they’d be disappointed.

Sunset over the Crocodile River.

But “safari luck” prevailed once again and we saw more than we ever anticipated. If nothing else, Tom and Lois added some of their own first-time safari luck and we had a fantastic time.

Hadeda birds make a loud noise as they fly overhead at dusk.

Tomorrow, we’ll be posting many of our exciting photos which we’re looking to posting. We’re wrapping it up here for today since we’re heading out to Ngwenya Lodge and Restaurant for more river viewing and their delicious Thursday night buffet.

Have a memorable evening!

Photo from one year ago today, October 11, 2017:

Pelican resting on a log on a pond at Zoo Ave, the bird sanctuary. For more details, please click here.

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