Dentist disappointment…Didn’t get our teeth cleaned…

There were three doors.  The dentist was behind Door 2 as shown.  Tom had no interest in playing “Let’s Make a Deal!” Notice the disgruntled look on his face.  He wasn’t happy.

We’re waiting for two packages; one of supplies we ordered which our mailing service sent and two, Tom’s new laptop.  Based on the fact that we’re in a condo building, we’ve decided we’d better stay here to collect both boxes, one today, another tomorrow.

In our old lives, the UPS guy would set the packages inside the kitchen door or in nice weather, outside the door with never a concern.  However, while living in OPH (other people’s homes) we feel we’d better stay close at hand for the deliveries. 

This is the room we waited in at the Senior Center across the courtyard, until we decided to leave.

Most likely, they won’t leave the packages and we’d have to figure that out, not so easy in this relatively remote location.  Remember?  We’re into stress reduction.

Speaking of stress reduction – the dentist appointments yesterday?  A total bust!  We left in plenty of time for to find the somewhat obscure location in the town of Kihei, the only nearby town with a majority of businesses one might expect in a larger town.  It has a little of everything; banks, post office, stores, and a variety of medical offices.

In our research we sought a dentist office that appeared to be the closest to the town but find only a few reviews online, all good.  Our two cleaning appointments were to occur back to back with one of us waiting while the other had the cleaning as we’d done two years ago in Nevada, the last time we had our teeth cleaned.

Once we found the tiny office building that turned out to be quite a way from the other business areas in Kihei, we followed the kindly receptionist’s instructions as to how to find their suite.

This photo illustrates what we found.  Tom cringed.  I thought nothing of it and went inside prepared for the teeth cleaning.  Once we entered the tiny waiting room shared with the receptionist, with not so good AC, she told us she’d been trying to reach us to tell us the doctor was running an hour late.

Access to these hills is blocked by a fence.

Tom’s hesitancy about the environment was set on a tailspin when we were informed our appointments would begin at 12 instead of 11.  Sensing his dismay, the receptionist took off to some obscure other location to ask the dentist if she’d see us earlier.

The receptionist came back saying she’d be ready for us at 11:15.  Tom still wasn’t feeling right.  He rarely hedges like this.  I paid attention without criticism other than saying that perhaps we should wait the 15 minutes and proceed.

In order to be cooler, the receptionist sent us across the courtyard to wait in the “Senior Center” which had better AC.  This didn’t feel right to Tom either.   These circumstances weren’t any worse than having a haircut under a tree in Belize.  Click here for that story with photos.  Tom thought so.

This sign indicated Hawaiians frustration over GMOs.

As we sat on benches in the senior building, I sensed his discomfort, not only from the disgruntled look on his face but his general demeanor, unlike him.
After waiting five minutes, I jumped up and said, “I’ll meet you at the car. I’ll go tell her we’re leaving.”

He couldn’t have stood up more quickly.  It wasn’t easy explaining Tom’s disdain for the surroundings, so unfamiliar after year’s of highly professional dental office buildings and surroundings.  For me, I’d get my teeth cleaned under a palm tree.  I didn’t care.

But, the magic of our relationship is our ability to empathize and respect one another’s concerns, needs and wants.  If one isn’t happy, then the other isn’t happy.  Moments later we were on our way to grocery stop which we hadn’t done in two full weeks, when I drove for the first time in two years.

Since we were close to the supermarket, it made sense for me to shop while Tom read his Kindle book in the car. I’d forgotten to bring my wallet so we set a time, 40 minutes later, when he’d come inside and pay.  Well, he did more than pay.  He loaded the groceries onto the belt, not letting me do a thing.  Typical.

View from the car on the return drive.  Cloudy day.

Why didn’t he like the dentist’s office?  For a few reasons;
1.  The small office didn’t look or feel professional
2.  It was too hot in the office to lay there for an hour having one’s teeth cleaned.
3.  At $300 for both of us, it seemed high based on the sparse surroundings.  Had it been a more professional venue, the price wouldn’t have phased him.
4.  The fact that we had to wait somewhere else to stay cool while we waited.
5.  The late starting time exacerbated his above frustration.

We have no idea as to the quality of the dentists.  For all we know they may have been the finest in the land.  But, if they are, why don’t they have a more professional environment? 

When we returned there was a message from the dentist with an apology asking us to schedule another appointment.  We declined.  We’ll wait until we get to Kauai in January where we’ll have plenty of time to do more research and find a dentist with a more professional setting making Tom feel more at ease.

Its odd to see a refinery in Maui, Hawaii.

We’ll be back tomorrow with some surprising prices and photos from yesterday’s shopping trip. 

Have a happy day!


Photo from one year ago today, November 4, 2013:

We believe a power outage prevented us from posting in Kenya one year ago today.  Tomorrow, we’ll have a one year ago post.  Thanks!

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Hmmm.. not sure I finished my thought on the dentist situation. ; ) Anyway there was something not right about that hygenist and treading lightly I'll just say I lost my breakfast as a result. Instinct is a good tool!

  2. Jessica Reply

    Julie, sorry you lost your breakfast. Goodness, we may have lost our teeth. Tom says he always listens to his gut. As for me, my gut isn't quite as discriminating. In any case, instinct is a powerful asset, we all must listen to.
    Thanks for reading our posts and for writing.

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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