Updates…Lava…Laptop…First trip to the dentist in two years!

Yesterday’s view when we’re lying in the chaise lounges by the pool.  Not too bad,  We prefer to stay inside on the cement as opposed to outside on the grass.  Less flies.

The news about the lava flow is encouraging.  The lava flow stalled over the weekend although the experts say that it continues to flow underneath the crust.  So we shall see.  Please click the link below for updates:


In four short weeks we’ll be on our way to the Big Island to move into the first of the two houses we rented on the ocean for our upcoming family reunion over the holidays.  With the lava flow stalled, we’re hopeful that this won’t be an issue. We wait cautiously knowing that at any moment it could begin flowing again and the risks could return.

Yesterday afternoon.

Over the weekend there had been some talk about trying to divert the flow.  We didn’t know this is possible until we read the following news story about the potential of doing so:


Although we can’t directly see the sunset, we can see the cloud impacted by the waning sun.

We doubt this will transpire due to the objections of the locals about upsetting Pele, the Goddess of Volcanos.  The above link explains the story in detail.

Are we worried?  No.  We leave it in the hands of Mother Nature, God and Pele, whomever each of us chooses to hold responsible for this very reasons that the Hawaiian Islands exist today…volcanic eruption.

There were Bird of Paradise in South Africa and Madeira.  It not surprising to see them in tropical Hawaii.

Yesterday afternoon, we ordered Tom a new laptop from Costco online.  It will arrive by Tuesday or Wednesday right to our condo.  I transferred all of his files to a 32 gig flash drive and we’re ready to do the transfer once it arrives.  We’ll keep the old laptop on hand for a week or two ensuring his has everything he needs and then we’ll return it to Costco for a full refund. 

Gosh, we’ve had our share of laptop problems in the past year; both of us dropping them and breaking the screens.  Hopefully, this will be behind us soon.  Its an annoying waste of time. 

Each direction we look, there’s the ocean.  Heavenly.

However, in the realm of things, the laptops, the lava, the inconvenience is just that, inconvenient.  Its the safety, health and well being of people that matters.  That’s all.

At 6:30 this morning from our veranda.

This morning we’re off to the dentist in Kihei, not far from the grocery store, where we’ll shop when we’re done having our teeth cleaned.  As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we haven’t had our teeth cleaned or any dental appointments in two years.  I’ve always dreaded the dentist and feel no differently now.  Its a necessary evil.

Another Gold Dust Day Gecko. 

Of course, we’ll take photos of our outing today sharing them here tomorrow.  With the time we spent this weekend trying to get Tom’s laptop working we have few photos to share today. 

We still have four more weeks in Maui and surely will be back with more local stories and photos.

Have a great Monday!

Photo from one year ago today, November 3, 2013:

It was a year ago today, that we booked the hotels for both Paris and London. We were excited for the opportunity to visit these two major tourist cities.  After doing so this past August, we were disappointed in many ways as we shared in our posts.  The bottom line is simply that we just aren’t big city people.  For details from that date, please click here.

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