Day #146 in lockdown Mumbai, India hotel…One day and counting to new site going “live”…Final expenses for Paris at end of post…..

Of course, we had to end with a repeat photo of the Eiffel Tower. It seems to have a personality of its own, offering varying views based on weather, crowds, and time of day.

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Today’s photos are from the post from August 16, 2014, while in Paris, France. See the link here for more photos.
Wow! The architecture was breathtaking.

After a fitful night’s sleep totaling no more than three hours combined, today’s post was prepared in record time. There’s no doubt in my mind, that failure to have a good night’s sleep impeded my memory and ability to function mentally.

Hand made pasta in the window of a local restaurant/deli.

Subsequently, I accidentally prepared tomorrow’s post instead of today’s which I’m grateful to have done and can copy and post on our new site tomorrow morning (I hope without issues).

But, this fact left me facing preparing another post for today. Sure, I could have posted a notice stating “no post today.” But, in my desire for consistency and diligence, I simply didn’t want to do that.

There’s a pharmacy every few blocks.

What kept me awake most of the night was a sorrowful reality that my dear sister Susan’s life may be coming to an end in the next few days. I was back and forth on the phone during the night with my sister Julie and now, as we speak, she and our niece Kely, Susan’s daughter, along with Susan’s dear ex-husband Tom are at her side.

I am so grateful she is not alone and has beloved family members at her side. She’s currently in a coma and highly sedated. The end is near. I’ve called several times to have the phone put up to her ear to tell her I love her and that although I can’t be with her, my love and my heart are right beside her.

We were able to flag down a taxi as we stood at this corner after dining at La Fontaine de Mars on Tuesday.

Sleep was elusive in between the phone calls, and texts, interspersed with crazy dreams, and this morning from 4:00 am on, I lay quietly in bed preferring not to get up and awaken Tom. He hasn’t been sleeping well and I didn’t want to awaken him.

With almost 13,000 restaurants listed on Trip Advisor in Paris, it’s tricky deciding on where to dine.

By 8:00 am he awoke and I got up, showered, and dressed and commenced on my first walk of the day. Sure, it would have been easy to forgo a day of walking, but one full day of laying around or sitting in a chair, hardly moving about, was certainly more harmful than continuing to maintain my walking schedule.

At this point, as I prepare the second post of the day when it’s already close to 1:00 pm, and soon I have to head out to work on the second half of the day’s walking goal.

Most of these perfect looking fruit has been imported to Paris as is the case in many other cities throughout the world.

Lately, I’ve been hiding away after uploading the post, watching the Netflix TV series, “The 100.” If ever there’s been a day I’d like to hide away in a compelling series, this is it. 

Beautiful fruit for sale along the boulevard. 

With my error in preparing tomorrow’s post, if tonight proves to be another sleepless night, tomorrow I will be prepared with a completed post to upload to our new WordPress site. I can only hope it goes well.

Please, if you don’t see the new post, bear with me, as I’ll continue to work on it to get it uploaded by the end of the day, if at all possible. Fortunately, our web developer will be available if I have questions along the way.

In the city of Paris, we never saw a freestanding single home. Literally, all the housing consists of apartment buildings such as this. We’ve found living in apartments such as these unappealing to us. We’re glad we stayed in Paris for this shorter period than our usual two to three months.  Apartments such as these are very expensive

So that’s it for today folks, along with the final expenses for our 15-nights in Paris in somewhat of a lackluster format. I had no energy to make it look better. But, surely, you get the drift here as shown below in Euro exchange rate back in 2014:

           Hotel:                 US $3352, EU 2511 
         Train & Taxi fare: US $211,   EU  158 
         Tours:                 US $644,   EU  483 
         Dining & Snacks:  US $1438, EU 1077
         Airfare & Bags:     US $959,   EU  719 

         Total:                   US 6604,  EU 4948           
         Average Daily:      US $413,  EU  310

Carved door to a city business center. 

Have a good day. Stay safe.


Photo from one year ago today, August 16, 2019:
There was no post one year ago today due to sightseeing in St. Petersburg. We’ll be back with more year-ago photos soon.

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