Busy organizing, packing and socializing day!…Baggage fees for Delta…Two days and counting..

St. James Train Station in downtown (known as the CBD, Central Business District) in Sydney.

This morning I began packing the third and smaller of our three checked bags. With no concerns over weight restrictions since we’re boarding a ship, not a plane, I still felt committed to lightening the load and reorganizing the contents. 

A night view of a few of the buildings in Circular Quay, Sydney, taken from the Manly Ferry.

We won’t have to be concerned about the weight until the end of the upcoming Alaska cruise when we’ll fly from Seattle to Minneapolis on May 26th.  Somehow I can’t wrap by brain around the fact that we’ll be preparing for that flight in only 36 days.

Sydney Opera House at night taken from the Manly Ferry.

During that 36 days, we’ll be packing and unpacking a total of eight times which includes:
1.  Packing for the cruise – now
2.  Unpacking in our cabin for the cruise to Seattle – April 22nd
3.  Packing to disembark the ship in Seattle – May 15th
4.  Unpacking at hotel in Vancouver for two-night stay – May 15th
5.  Packing to depart hotel – May 17th
6.  Unpacking in our cabin for the Alaskan cruise – May 17th
7.  Packing to disembark the ship in Seattle – May 26th
8.  Unpacking at the hotel in Minneapolis where we’ll stay for six weeks – May 26th

A night skyline view of a small portion of downtown Sydney.

It’s this tight schedule that prompted me to be diligent in organizing our stuff and packing neatly.  Upon repacking and unpacking, we’ll so do with the same diligence as on each prior occasion. 

Luckily, as stated above, we’ll only be concerned with the weight of our bags on one occasion…when we fly to Minnesota.  In the interim, I’ll certainly consider what items we can toss along the way to lighten that load.

Historic building in Circular Quay area. 

After checking Delta Airlines baggage fees, it appears it will be AU $33.35, US $25 for the first bag for each traveler and an additional AU $46.69, US $35 for any additional bag as shown below:


The most common fees for traveling in a domestic, Main Cabin seat are:

The maximum weight, as shown above, is 23 kg, 50 lbs.  In the past, we’ve had no problem keeping the three bags within this weight range.  But recently, we each added some new clothing and supplies.  

Office buildings along the Sydney Opera House Walkway including many shops,offices, restaurants and condos.
It’s this added weight that will leave us committed to lightening our load of older items along the way prior to May 26th.  One can never become complacent when it comes to baggage weight.
A portion of the Sydney skyline on a cloudy day.

As for today at 2 pm, Bob will drive us to the Manly Wharf where we’ll walk across the road to walk the Corso to a pharmacy for a few more items we’ll need for the upcoming 36 days. 

Clock Tower in Sydney.

At 3:30 pm, we’ll return to the wharf where we’ll meet Christine and Colin who’ll be arriving from Sydney on the Manly Ferry.  We’ll head to a restaurant and relax for what surely will be a pleasant get-together with the lovely couple, originally from the UK having lived in Australia for the past 23 years.

One of our favorite Kookaburras.

In the evening we’ll return by bus to our holiday home as we spend one of the last two nights in Fairlight.  It has been a great location but we’re excited to be moving on.

Have a pleasing day and evening!


Photo from one year ago today, April 20, 2016:

There was no photo posted one year ago.  We were sailing on Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas and the Wi-Fi was so slow we weren’t able to post any photos. Ironically, last night when we happened to look outdoors, we saw Voyager of the Seas heading out to sea from Sydney Harbour.  Here’s that photo!

Last night’s photo of Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas leaving Sydney Harbour. Here’s the link to the post (without photos). 

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