Bookings for England completed…Cornwall property…Four exciting properties over 60 days…Sharing photos over the next few days…

There are a few different cottages on the property.  Of course, our favorite was the most expensive but we couldn’t resist. It’s located in Cornwall, near Port Isaac, where Doc Martin, one of our favorite shows was filmed! We selected this property from September 6 to September 20, 2019.  Our cost for the two weeks is Euro 2498.51, US $2707.94 an average daily rate of Euro 172.72, US $193.42 which is much higher than we typically pay.  To compensate for this higher rent, we’ve selected other properties at lower prices in order to balance the budget.  To see details on the listing, please click here.

“Fascinating Fact of the Day About Ireland”
are a huge part of Irish tradition. In Irish folklore, they are tiny men who
can fit on top of your shoulder. They are completely harmless and are believed
to have buried numerous pots of gold throughout Ireland.”


It’s been a busy morning and I got a late start on today’s post. This morning we were busy with our continuing bookings for England for 62 nights upcoming on August 23, 2019.  

Also, this morning Tom made his favorite coconut banana bread recipe while I made my favorite low carb coffee cake which I’ll wait to savor until after dinner tonight with tea. Tom’s already dug into his banana bread.

With the date coming up quickly we knew we’d better get the show on the road.  Yes, we did book four different properties, two for two weeks and one for three weeks (our favorite, of course) and another for 11 nights and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

This lounge/living room looks very comfortable with nice furnishing and fireplace.  It’ almost summer here in Ireland and we’ve used the fireplace.  It’s possible it will be cool in England while we’re there and we’ll use this fireplace.

In the interim, now that we knew we’ll be flying into Exeter, England from Amsterdam instead of Southhampton as originally planned, we had to cancel and re-do our rental cars.  There are no cancellation fees for

We booked a rental car for 30 days and then another for the additional 30 days in order to receive the benefit of insurance coverage provided by our credit cards but only if rented for a maximum of 31 days.  

Thus, we’ll return to Exeter one month later and get another car, or we may be able to renew it over the phone.  We’ll play that by ear.  We’ll spend the last two nights of the 62 nights in a hotel in Southampton which we’ve already booked.

Booking the four separate properties and getting the dates to be exactly sequential was tricky and time-consuming.  We love the idea of moving every two to three weeks in order to experience new areas of Cornwall and the English countryside.  

This roomy kitchen will be ideal for our needs, especially with what appears to be a refrigerator and freezer.

However, it took way more time than we usually spend in arranging bookings.  Many properties were already booked for some of our dates so we had to figure out how each of the four would work.  We did it and have paid deposits for each property.

Today, I’ll enter all the information on our spreadsheet and in our free online Cozi calendar.  As soon as I enter the bookings Tom can immediately see the bookings on his phone or laptop.  This app has been extremely helpful for us over the past few years since we began using it.

Originally, we downloaded this app for the time we spent in Minnesota visiting our kids and grandkids in order for them to be able to see when we were available.  

We can already see ourselves sitting on this outdoor furniture enjoying coffee and tea in the morning and cocktails and wine in the evenings.

We gave them our user name and password and they could enter information at their leisure.  We’d then receive an email being notified a new entry had been made and the general information about the booking.

Alas, they seldom used the app, if at all, calling or texting to see when we were available. It was the first time in Tom’s life he used texting when he wasn’t allowed to use it while working on the railroad.

Once we left Minnesota to travel the world we found we could only text using Facebook Messenger which is free.  Any other means was costly.  I stay in touch with friends and family through Messenger, more than by Skype or phone.

We’ll have an opportunity to engage with pygmy goats and other barnyard animals on the farm.  To watch these little goats jumping around is hysterical.  We can’t wait to share videos of their funny antics. 

Here we are now, “old timers” and we prefer to use technology instead of phones.  Of course, once we arrive in the US in November we’ll purchase US SIM cards from such providers as Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T which will enable the kids to contact us by text.  It will be during that period, we’ll need to pay more attention to our phones than we do now.

The SIM cards will work anywhere we travel in the US since once we leave Minnesota, we’ll be on our way to Nevada and Arizona for several more weeks.  We plan to purchase two new phones to have them waiting for us at our hotel in Minnesota.  The next day, we’ll head to a phone store to buy the SIM cards.  No contract is required when using SIM cards for calling, text, and data.

This morning, Tom booked our flight from Amsterdam to Exeter on August 23, 2019. We’ll pick up the first of the two rental cars and drive to the first of our four-holiday homes.

Port Isaac which we’ve loved seeing in the TV series, Doc Martin.  It’s a short drive from the holiday home.

Over the next few days, we’ll post photos of the upcoming properties in England, one per day to avoid confusion.  This helps us during this inclement weather to avoid the necessity of going out sightseeing.  Once the weather settles down, we’ll be heading out. We have several venues in mind we’ll be sharing here.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back with another of the four-holiday homes in England, not in any particular order including pricing as we’ve shown here today.  

Also, this morning we got some exciting news from friends, Lisa and Barry, whom we met on a cruise in November 2017.  We’ll all be going out to dinner this coming Thursday.  We are so excited to see them once again!

Happy day!

Photo from one year ago today, June 2, 2018:

What could be more fun than stopping on the way to dinner to let these magnificent beasts cross the road?  Most likely this was a mom and growing youngster.  For more photos, please click here.

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