Before our eyes…A heartbreaking event in the bush…

This baby bushbuck, about two weeks old, could not stand and was flailing in the bush. We were worried she was seriously injured. Please read the story below.

Yes, we know. Nature is nature, and sometimes it’s harsh and unrelenting. This morning was that case when Tom saw an animal lying on the ground with dust flying. At first, he thought it was an animal giving itself a dust bath, which we see, now and then. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was a baby bushbuck flailing in the dirt trying to get up, and we immediately thought of mom Tulip and her young girl, Lilac. We were heartsick.

Immediately, we called Louise, and she called Ranger Jaco. Within 10 minutes, Jaco was here assessing the situation. Twenty minutes later, Ranger Mark (also the owner of Daisy’s Den, a feed and farm store here in Marloth Park) approached her gingerly and picked her up to take her to Doc Piet.

Tom took this blurry photo from afar as soon as he spotted the little one suffering.

When getting close and picking her up, Mark said she was no more than two weeks old. It wasn’t Lilac, who was a few months old. We were relieved but still sad over the injury this precious being had experienced. We’ll never know what happened and can only hope after being treated by Dr. Piet; she can be rehabilitated at Deidre’s Wild and Free Rehabilitation Centre.

When she’s treated and healed, she’ll be returned to the bush in our garden, where her mother will continue to look for her. During this event, two adult female bushbucks watched over her, including her mother and Tulip, whose baby Lilac only jumped the fence a few minutes ago to see us. She is still peacefully there, munching on pellets with male bushbuck Spikey.

The precious little creature was suffering. She attempted to stand but always landed on her face. It was heartbreaking.

The injured baby’s mom stayed close by, occasionally touching her to see if she could get up. She could not. Tom expected one of her front legs might be broken. I gave Jaco my card and asked him to let us know what happened with the precious little being. He remembered us from past visits to our holiday homes when similar situations had occurred before our eyes.

The number of animals that approached the baby while we waited was frightening during this period. A band of mongoose whom we’d fed paloney minutes before this transpired was hoping she’d die so they could eat the meat. Even Lollie, whom we also had to chase away, seemed annoyed by the baby’s presence in what she considers “her territory.”

Crooked Face walked over to her to see what was going on.

Tom stood to watch over the baby shooing off the other animals that seemed hell-bent on approaching her. Were they curious, or were they looking to attack her? It was hard to tell, but we were certain warthogs or mongooses would attack her. That’s their nature. They can’t help themselves. It’s nature.

It was such a relief when Mark walked off with the precious baby leaving us hoping she’d be able to survive her injuries.

When Ranger Mark arrived, he approached her gingerly and was able to pick her up to take her to see Doc Piet, the vet for Marloth Park.

Soon, Rita will be coming to pick me up. We are heading to Stoep Cafe in Komatipoort for some much-desired “girl talk,” which we both have missed for the past five months since they’ve been gone. After breakfast, Rita will drop me off at the pharmacy, after which I’ll walk to Spar Market and do the grocery shopping. I’ll call Tom about 30 minutes before I’m done so he can come and pick me up with the groceries. This way, Rita won’t have to wait for me while I shop.

Mark carried the little bushbuck to his vehicle, where he’d rush her to Dr. Piet. In a few days, we can check with the rehab center to see if she has been treated and is being prepared to return to the wild. They will bring her back to our garden where the mom will be waiting for her.

So that’s it for today, folks. We’ll keep you updated on what we find out about the baby bushbuck and be back with more tomorrow.

Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, August 4, 2021:

Oh, oh…roadblock! For more photos, please click here.

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  1. Myranda Aleman Reply

    I am so happy y’all helped I wish they would make it illegal for people to film these animals since TikTok came out I have never seen so many horrible videos and I feel that they’re interfering with their natural habitat several videos show the camera up close disturbing the pray that is trying to run away they should just let nature take it’s course. I believe people should be there to check on the park but as far as these horrible filmakers that just constantly get in the way and are too close to the animals it’s just very disturbing. Who made it OK for these people to go film? I’ve also seen so in reports where they find animals on the side of the road and they don’t know what happened the only conclusion I can come to after reading so many articles is it a car hit them.

    • worldwide-admin Post authorReply

      Yes, Myranda, we are also horrified about how wild animals are treated, not only here in the park but elsewhere, by idiotic visitors who have no regard or knowledge about the wildlife. We always try to be respectful and keep our distance even when they approach us. Thanks for writing and for finding our posts.

      Warmest regards,
      Jess & Tom

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