Arrived in Sydney…The Opera House…The Harbour Bridge and more…

View of the Sydney Opera House from the ship at 6:30 am this morning. It’s hard to believe we’re here on our fifth continent!

We arrived in Sydney early this morning. After was seemed like an endless wait to exit the ship, we finally got off, went through customs and immigration and all is well.

We’re now at the beautiful airport in Sydney waiting for our flight on Qantas Airlines, known as one of the best airlines in the world. Check-in was slick and professional and we managed to have the only US $70 in excess baggage fees.

View of the harbor. Lovely!

Now we have only 30 minutes of free wifi time offered by the airline with no apparent option to purchase more.  As a result, before we board, I am attempting to load a very fast post and a few photos. More amazing photos of Sydney will be available tomorrow once we’re situated.

Waking up this morning to only stepping outside to see the famed Opera House and Harbour Bridge took our breath away. It was hard to believe that we’ve just entered our fifth continent.

We only have two more continents to experience to have stepped foot on all seven; Antarctica and South America, both of which we plan to visit when we’re done in the South Pacific. 

The Harbour Bridge.  Wow!

This, by no means, will be the end of our world journey. In many ways, it will become a new beginning, of returning to countries we’ve yet to visit fine-tuning our choices to those we long to see.

For today, I must wind down to ensure we can get a few photos loaded. No time for the photo from one year ago, but will do today and tomorrow’s when we post in the morning from Trinity Beach, Australia.

Happy days ahead. Stay with us!

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  1. Isabel@FS

    I haven't commented here in ages – have recently learned that it's a better idea to say 'hi' now and again that just to hide in the bushes 🙂 So 'hi' – love LOVE love your blog, your travels, your enthusiasm – everything. I'm living my ideal life thru you. Hope Australia is everything you wish and more. It certainly sounds like the Aussies you've met so far (on the cruise) have embraced you and made you welcome. I may not comment often but I'm checking on your progress daily. Hugs to you both. You both look amazing. This life suits you 🙂 – Isabel

  2. Jessica

    Isabel, how wonderful it is to hear from you again and…of course to know you are still "traveling" with us. You have no idea how much we appreciate your thoughtful words.

    Yes, the Aussies are a magical people. Even at the "chemist" and the food shop, they exude warmth and kindness. Today, the checkout guys checked each egg in my carton to ensure none was cracked when he'd accidentally given them a bit of a shove. We love it here for many reasons which we'll share each and everyday in our time here.

    Thanks, dear friend, for your kindness and much love as well.
    Jess & Tom

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