An extraordinary evening with new friends in Tasmania at a special cafe in Penguin…

Tania’s dedication to quality drinks, service and ambiance is easily evidenced in her unique  and inviting café.

We feel so fortunate.  As we travel the world reveling in the experiences of visiting and living in many countries, we often find ourselves in the company of local residents who enhance our adventures and warm our hearts in ways not easy to describe.

An organ located at Renaessance for customer’s enjoyment.

One may think its difficult to get close to people in the short periods we stay in any given location.  But, there’s a commonality we share with those we embrace into our lives as they include us in theirs, which we’ve found to be universal from country to country, town to town, village to village.

Blackboards are updated frequently with menu items.

Making new friends is magical.  How is it that people come together for the very first time and magic happens? After all, its just the two of us and, although on a day to day basis we don’t feel lonely or displaced, we have each other and that love and companionship is a powerful and meaningful adjunct to each of our individual lives.

Cocktail price list, listed in AU dollars such as AU $15 equals US $10.95.

Breakfast and lunch menu.

No, Tom doesn’t meet the “boys” for coffee or a beer, nor do I go to lunch or shopping with the “girls.”  But, our lives are full and rewarding together and by communicating online with old friends whom we plan to see when we’re in Minnesota in a mere five months.

The thoughtful décor provides a pleasing environment whether a guest stops in for coffee, lunch or wine and cocktails.

In the interim, as we’d experienced on the recent 33 night cruise, we make new friends. building relationships we’ll always remember and treasure even if we never return to a specific location or have an opportunity to meet face-to-face in the future.

A cozy well decorated corner in Renaessance.

Upcoming in 14 months, we’ll return to Marloth Park to again be with the many friends we made in South Africa.  This will be the first time we’ll be returning to a specific location, in this case, to celebrate my 70th birthday with those friends and to relive the exquisite interaction with wild animals in the game reserve close to Kruger National Park. 

Fran and Terry hosted our evening out.  For the first time since the cruise ended two weeks ago, we each had two drinks, beer for Tom, white wine for me.

As much as I longed to return to the bush, to the wildlife, we may not have been returning to Marloth Park four years later, had we not made so many friends while there.  Staying in touch via email and Facebook has certainly contributed to maintaining these and other special relationships we’ve developed over these past years.

Gerard, who’s fabulous B&B we highlighted a few days ago, High on Penguin.  Click here for the post and photos.

Last evening, as soon as we entered Tania’s Renaessance café, located at 95 Main Street, Penguin, Tasmania, we felt at home.  We’d expected the establishment to feel small in its compact space but upon entering we were delighted to see how comfortable and roomy the café actually is.

From the left, Kath Downie, Penguin Deputy Mayor and friends, Leah and John.  It was delightful chatting with them as well.

From the creative design and décor to the wide array of unique and befitting amenities, each corner was well planned and usable, offering the visitor a memorable experience, unlike any other found in a typical coffee shop or wine bar. 

A cat sitting on a fence behind Renaessance next to the train tracks.

The foods offered were fresh and well plated with a focus on healthfulness and yet, those seeking more traditional options would easily be able to find items to suit their tastes and desires.

Renaessance is all about coffee, wine and art and a perfect spot for locals and tourist to mingle.

The selections of alcoholic beverages, wines and nonalcoholic drinks was extensive, suitable for the lunchtime or happy hour enthusiast or a family with children.

Christmas decorations atop a cabinet.

No more than seconds after we met Tania and I engaged in lively conversation, both finding an immediate connection.  While she and I chatted, as she attended to other customers, Tom sat in the lounge area giving us some much appreciated “girl time.”

Tiny boxes with a variety of teas.

In a short while Terry, his lovely wife Fran and other customers arrived ordering drinks, appetizers and filling up the space.  The conversations flowed with ease to a high level of camaraderie.  It couldn’t have been more fun.

These candies (referred to as lollies in Australia) reminded me of a time from long ago.

Finally, at almost 9 pm, we all started to wander out, hugging and saying warm goodbyes with hopes of being together again soon.  What a pleasant surprise and festive means of spending quality holiday time with new friends!

Although the café is small there are numerous tables and chairs suitable for seating for about 20 customers.

Yes, we are fortunate for the friends we make and the people we meet as we continue to travel the world, never for a moment or a day taking anything for granted.  Its truly a gift, all the gifts we’ll need or want over this holiday season and always.

Back yard of Renaessance overlooks the sea.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Photo from one year ago today, December 17, 2015:

In Suva, on the main island of Fiji, Viti Levu, we visited an enormous farmers market.  For more photos, please click here.

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  1. Terry Reply

    A very pleasant evening with you Tom & Jessica last night and so pleased that you were able to meet some locals in a relaxed atmosphere.

  2. Jessica Reply

    Terry, it was a very pleasant evening! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.
    You are our personal social director!

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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