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After leaving the beach we drove to a high point in the area with this expansive view.

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Today’s photos are from June 30, 2015, while in Trinity Beach, Queensland, Australia. See the link here for more details.

When we first decided to update our site a few years ago, I was dreading it. As no expert in web development, this daunting task, requiring a tremendous amount of work by me, kept me from moving forward.

We walked past a grove of palm trees and evergreens as we made our way to the beach.

As it’s turned out, the company we’re using now, located in many cities in India, works with many US and worldwide companies and is familiar with US-based needs as well as worldwide site features.

It wasn’t as big of a commitment as I originally anticipated when I’ve only had to spend four or five hours each week working on my part of the process. Although, during these quiet times in lockdown, it’s on my mind all the time.

We walked toward this crest after crossing the dip down to the beach, wondering if any crocs may be lying in wait. 

What’s slowing down the process of “going live” with the new site is the necessary addition of our 2882 past posts (as of today), being moved over to ensure we have an easy transition. The web developers can only add so many per day as each old post must be added manually, one at a time.

The archives are of utmost importance to us as the number one most important feature we have. Many of our long term and particularly new readers, reference them on a regular basis. Also, we use them many times each day to reference past information.

Yorkeys Beach in Yorkeys Knob was serene and pristine.

During my walk this morning, I recalled a fabulous resort where we’d stay in August 2018 in Chobe National Park in Botswana, thinking that we could stay there again when we’ll have to leave South Africa again after 90-days, for a new visa stamp. 

Immediately, I asked Tom the dates (he’s the expert in recalling dates while I’m better at recalling expenses, names of people, and names of locations) making it simple for me to look up the appropriate post for details about this resort in Chobe National Park. Not only is it handy to review old posts, but, it’s crucial as we continue on, day after day.

At certain points, it felt more like the desert than the beach with various vegetation shooting up through the sand.

Based on the time it’s taking to upload each day’s archive since March 15, 2012, it may not be until early August when you’ll see our new site. At this point, we’re excited about that day, not only to be done with this big process but also to be able to share the new site with all of you.

In addition, this morning I was selecting some additional travel advertisers for our site and eliminating the frustrating duplicates, that I was unable to remove without professional help. Our former web developer closed their business about three years ago leaving us without any professional help until now.

This view was to our left as we faced the ocean.

As we move forward with the site, we’re striving to increase our meager revenue from our advertisers which doesn’t cover the cost of maintaining our site annually. 

If our readers will use some of our links, including Amazon, none of which cost you, the purchaser any additional costs for products and services will eventually increase the revenue. Using our links provides our readers with all the same data and products found by visiting the site directly, resulting in our ability to generate enough revenue to cover yearly management expenses. 

To our right, this was the view we stumbled upon.

Thanks to those who have been using our links! We receive a small commission when our links are used. We do not receive compensation for the majority of links we may mention in the body of most posts. If we do, we will always mention that fact.

One item, important to mention now, is that HomeAway, the holiday/vacation site we use almost exclusively, which is one of our advertisers, is changing their name to VRBO when in the past few years they’ve purchased the majority of these types of companies under one umbrella. Our new site will reflect this change.

We spoke with this woman who is from Sydney and travels throughout the continent with her husband in their “caravan.” She, like us, was enthralled with the number of shells on the beach, not often found on many beaches that we’ve walked throughout the world.

As it turns out, this period in lockdown was probably the best time to work on the site changes with few distractions such as preparing meals, shopping, sightseeing, doing laundry, and socializing are out of the picture.

By the time the lockdown ends, we’ll have fine-tuned any necessary changes to the new site and I’ll have learned how to manage the day-to-day operations. Few websites/blogs prepare a new post daily which makes the process all the more time consuming and intensive.

Tiny wildflower growing on the beach.

Otherwise? Not much is new here. We see more and more new guests checking in and out when walking the corridors, all of whom are wearing masks. We hold back to let them pass. We remain upbeat and hopeful for times to come!

Stay safe.


Photo from one year ago today, June 30, 2019:

One year ago today, we posted photos of the Viking Sun, from our cruise that was canceled for April 2, 2020, due to COVID-19. Buffet dining rooms such as shown here will be a thing of the past on cruise ships in the future. Hopefully, we sail on Viking sometime in the future. For more details, please click here.

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