A night out on the town…Dinner for four…Fun times…People photos at last!…

Julie and I, happy to be together at long last. The last time we saw her was when she came to San Diego on January 3, 2013, to see us off on the ship, our first trip outside the US on our year’s long journey. Now, here we are together again, 26 months later.

Hoping for a reprieve from cooking, we decided dinner out for Tom, Julie and I and friend Richard on St. Patrick’s Day was a perfect idea. Meeting at Bubba’s Burgers in downtown Hanalei, we wandered across the street to Bouchons Grill, an establishment with mixed reviews at TripAdvisor.

My sister Julie was ready for her Mai Tai.

We are not unlike other diners, at times throwing the mediocre reviews in the wind and going for ambiance and fun atmosphere over exquisite dining. With my way of eating, quality ingredients are my choice over fancy sauces and multi-ingredients recipes and courses. 

Richard was ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us.

Although we’d have loved for Julie to experience highly-rated local restaurants, we knew she wouldn’t enjoy herself, nor would Tom or Richard if there was nothing on the menu that worked for me. At Bouchons it not only worked out well for me, but the others as well, enjoying good fresh food at reasonable prices.

Tom and Richard toasting on St. Patrick’s Day.

With Kobe beef on the menu, I opted for a burger, cooked medium, atop a salad of fresh greens which was delicious. Tom had the teriyaki chicken and ribs, Julie had their house special which is always fish and chips and, Richard devoured the macadamia encrusted mahi-mahi. 

Nothing like Mai Tai’s for three to start the night.

Added to their luscious looking Mai Tai’s and my perfectly prepared unsweetened iced tea, we were happy diners with the over-the-top-service and playful atmosphere in the open-air dining establishment, more often frequented by tourists than locals from what we could determine. Richard said he’d never tried this restaurant after many years on the island.

Richard had the macadamia nut encrusted mahi-mahi with roasted potatoes and mango salsa. 

Arriving at 6:45, we had no trouble getting a table. By 7:30, it was packed.  Whether it was due to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations or usual circumstances in a busy tourist season, we had no idea. Surely, Tom and I will return at least once more before we leave the island in a little over two months.

Julie had the house special, fish, and chips, which she said had a light batter, wasn’t greasy, and tasted “fantastic.”

Since it was son Richard’s birthday, we decided to let friend Richard represent son Richard’s birthday. After dinner, he enjoyed a  slice of frozen chocolate mint birthday cake with three forks included in today’s photos.

The total bill for four with drinks, dessert, and a generous tip was a total of $140, not bad for a popular tourist town like Hanalei or anywhere on the island for that matter. What impressed me the most was the special care our waiter took attending to my order. In reality, my diet causes little fussing;  meat without added starches or sugar, greens, and vegetables without sauce.  Easy. 

Tom had the teriyaki chicken and ribs, fries, and a small side salad.  He too said his meal was delicious.
Often I order a little cup of mayonnaise for dipping which seems to have no ill effects. He was right on the ball, checking back to ensure everything was perfect. It’s this kind of service that inspires us to return to a restaurant along with fresh food served hot and flavorful. It’s not a lot to ask and yet seems to be a challenge for some establishments throughout the world.  

Last night, Wednesday, we were invited to new friends Bev and Sam’s beautiful home for dinner. It was a potluck as is often the case here in the islands with the outrageous costs for food.  We love that concept and I enjoyed cooking and bringing our share. Also, I baked Julie’s favorite cake German Chocolate which I’d always made for her on her birthday in years past.

Here’s my grilled Kobe beef burger atop a bed of fresh greens. I swapped the salad dressing on the right for the mayo when I detected sugar in it. Few salad dressings work for my way of eating.

There was no way I was keeping that cake away from Tom when this is also his favorite. To keep them both happy, I made a double batch, leaving a cake at home for them to devour over the next few days. They’ll have no trouble accomplishing this feat when I just noticed Tom cutting himself a lofty piece for breakfast when he usually has this low carb egg thing I make in case he’s hungry. 

We had a lovely evening with Bev and Sam in their gorgeous comfortable home. Julie, having won an Emmy Award for producing the PBS TV series, “Gardens of the World” with Audrey Hepburn years ago, was pleased to have Bev give her the tour of their exquisite gardens. Most recently, Julie was one of the producers on another TV series, America Now with Leeza Gibbons. See photo below.

Julie on the left on the production set with production associate Dana, Lulu (singer, “To Sir with Love”), Leeza Gibbons, former co-host of a syndicated news show, America Now, (and recent winner of Celebrity Apprentice).

As I watched him take out the egg thing from the refrigerator (I made a new batch yesterday), I almost saw the light bulb go off in his head when he remembered the cake. He put the square of the egg dish back into the container and back into the refrigerator with a smile on his face as he cut off a piece of the cake. In a funny way, I was happy to see him enjoy a treat for a change when otherwise, he meticulously dines “my way” when we dine in (not so much when dining out).

Sadly, tomorrow night Julie leaves. Its been wonderful having her here with us. Luckily, there have been a few sunny days during her stay and she’s been able to lounge on the beach as well as see many of the local sights, many more of which we’ve yet to share here.

In a few months, we’ll be far away making it difficult for anyone to visit us. It’s a long way from Australia to the US, a 21 hour time difference from where we are now in Hawaii, a 16 hour time difference from central time in the US mainland. The world is a big place and we’ve yet to explore the “tip of the iceberg.”  Oh yes, we plan to go there too.

                                               Photo from one year ago today, March 19, 2014:

This was the only photo we posted on this date, one year ago. Stepping on grates is hazardous and we posted this as a reminder to other travelers to stay off of these. Attempting to recover from the intestinal illness I’d had since our first meal in a restaurant in Morocco, I succumbed, almost three weeks later,  to beginning a dose of Cipro which much to our delight started working within hours. What a relief! For details from that date, please click here.

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  1. liz

    Wow! You can truly see the family likeness! I am glad you enjoyed your time together. As a teenager I was at a Convent boarding school run by Catholic Irish nuns who really knew how to celebrate St Patrick's Day. I do miss those celebrations!

  2. Jessica

    Liz, thanks for writing. Tom also attended Catholic school and is Irish, making St. Patrick's Day worthy of a little celebration. Its our eldest son's birthday also, and during his growing up years attention was toward his birthday celebration rather than St. Pat's.

    Hope you had a fabulous trip to Vienna. Do you have a photo we could share here?

    Much love,
    Jess & Tom

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