Two days and counting…USA, here we come…

Hot and sweaty after dancing at the silent disco.

It’s hard to believe we haven’t been in the US for two years and three months when we visited family in 2017 in both Minnesota and Nevada.  We’ve missed everyone and it will be fantastic to see them all once again.

Originally, when booking our time in Minnesota, we’d booked a hotel in a central location between our respective families. As time marched on, my dear friend Karen offered for us to stay in her gorgeous spacious house on a lake in Eden Prairie.

We stayed with Karen for our final few weeks in Minnesota in October 2012 and found it easy and comfortable. There have been only a few other occasions in the past seven years when we’ve stayed at friend’s or family member’s homes.

It’s a rare occasion for us to stay with anyone when we don’t want to impose. We have our own routine which may conflict with that of others and we certainly don’t want to be underfoot.

The only family member with whom we’ve stayed has been son Richard in Henderson Nevada.  He has a roomy house leaving us with an area to ourselves where we won’t be in the way. We’ll be staying with him in the next month.

As for the time we spend in Apache Junction Arizona near Tom’s siblings, we’ve rented a holiday home and will share details at that time. At this point, we haven’t pinned down how long we’ll stay in Minnesota. We can always book last minute flights.

The ship’s casino. We do not partake.

The cruise is rapidly winding down. We had one “free” bag of laundry done and will be repacking mostly clean clothes. I didn’t include many of my tops and shirts when the ship’s laundry service tends to ruin some items washing them at too high a temperature.  I didn’t want to take the risk.

Tomorrow we’ll pack and place our bags outside our cabin doors before 10:00 pm which will then be moved to the port disembarkation area where we’ll pick them up on Friday after we exit the ship.

Our flight from Fort Lauderdale to Minneapolis will be very long with almost a four-hour layover in Detroit at which time, we’ll find a restaurant and have dinner. We can’t ever plan to be served food on flights these days, especially suitable for my way of eating.

We’re looking forward to our arrival in Minneapolis, getting settled and seeing family and friends.  No doubt, the next few days will fly by quickly. And before we know it the time in the US will pass quickly and we’ll be on or way to India.

The journey continues…Please stay tuned.

Photo from one year ago today, November 6, 2018:
A mom and two offspring from different birth years.  For more photos, please click here.

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