Togetherness….Are we telepathic after all these years?…Kruger photos continue…

Friends Lynne and Mick confirmed this is a juvenile Bateleur.

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

Persistent zebras will occasionally start climbing the veranda steps to “request” more pellets. During last night’s dinner, a female warthog came up the steps looking for pellets.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the camera ready for a photo.

This morning we had a huge laugh (a common occurrence several times a day) when we lounged in bed after awakening around 6:00 is discussing last night’s dreams. (For once, I had a good night’s sleep).

Hippos spend about 16 hours a day in the water. While they sleep in the water, they surface automatically and breathe without waking up. While awake, they can hold their breath for up to five minutes.

Tom rarely remembers his dreams, so he went first while it was fresh in his mind.  He had a dream we purchased a house. As soon as he started spewing the details, I started laughing out loud.

From this site: “Buffalo are reported to kill more hunters in Africa than any other animal. They are known to ambush hunters that have wounded or injured them.”

He stated, “It’s not that funny, although it won’t ever happen!”

I added, “I had the same dream! We were in the process of buying a house!”

From this site:  “If a buffalo herd comes under threat from a predator, they form a circle around their young. All of the adults face outwards to hide the vulnerable. The adults actually lower their heads and form a protective barrier with their horns.”

We won’t bore you with all the details, but the irony is apparent. We both had similar dreams. Nor will we get too analytical as to why we had these dreams. It’s pretty obvious. We both have no interest or desire to ever “settle down” if we can help it.  

Some goose?

In reality, it may be somewhat of a fear that precipitated this topic in our dreams. We know someday we’ll have to stop traveling due to advanced age and health, and, in itself, that eventuality is a nightmare.   

Gee…who looks forward to old age and poor health, and why should any of us have to accept this as our eventuality? We’ve met people on cruises, well into their 90’s, with good health who continue to travel the world.

Hippos across the lake at the Sunset Dam.

Wouldn’t our eventual demise best come uneventfully during sleep when our bodies and minds are made with this life as we know it?  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Anyway, back to the irony of our mutual dreams. Did we both have these dreams based on something we discussed, read, or thought about yesterday? Most likely, that’s the case. It’s not unusual for us to discuss how we never want to settle down to help it.

The closest living relatives of hippos are porpoises and whales.

Why you may ask, are we so adamantly opposed to settling down? Based on our exceptional relationship, couldn’t we still be happy? But, in the same vein, many of you are so glad to be settled, finding great comfort and joy in doing so. It’s simply a matter of what appeals to each individual, each couple.

For us, the biggest irony of all is that we both thrive in the uncertainty of a nomadic lifestyle. Each new continent, country, village, and town presents us with an opportunity to embrace new surroundings, new cultures, and new ways of life.

From this site: “Buffaloes need a good freshwater supply as they love to cool down and also drink water daily. Bulls especially like to lie in water and mud hollows where they can roll in the mud and take mud baths to rid themselves of flies, horseflies, and ticks. Buffaloes are gregarious, and in South Africa (Kruger National Park), herds of up to 500 and more can congregate, consisting of dominant bulls and cows. In other parts of Africa, herds of more than 1000 animals can gather. Bulls are often found alone or form small bachelor herds, consisting of older and younger animals and varying in number from a few animals to about ten and more.”

Are we antsy being in this same house, in this same place, Marloth Park, for an entire year?  The answer is clear and consistent between us. It’s a long time to stay in one place, especially for us. In the future, we’ll never stay anywhere for so long unless required by a medical condition.

We’d be ready for a change if it weren’t for the wildlife and our many beautiful friends. But, these two vital factors of living in Marloth Park have allayed any possible boredom or disinterest.  

We’re continually entertained by an exciting insect, noisy frog, or unusual plant, even in the most mundane scenarios. Sightings of elephants, lions, hippos, and others are the frosting on the cake.  

Because giraffes are the only herbivores that graze on treetops, there is a more readily available food source for them during the dry season.

If all we had was “visitors” and friends, we could be equally content as we are now.  Visiting Kruger is comparable to visiting a state fair or Disneyland. Every sight our eyes behold spirals us into a realm of sheer awe and wonder.

Being with our friends is equally vital to our well-being. The lively and opinionated conversations, especially about nature and wildlife, are unlike any conversations we’ve had anywhere else in the world.

We always stop to admire elephants.

The commonality we all share in appreciating and living within the throes of the animal kingdom can’t be conveyed while in many other parts of the world. It’s unique, as are these special people.

We both shrugged off any potential significance of our mutually shared dream, meaning anything more than sharing the same beliefs, hopes, and dreams for the future.

From this site:  A natural process is quite vague: it is a natural process, but it’s not related to the elephant’s aging. Neither is it (typically) related to fighting.  Those notches and tears are caused by the daily activities of elephants feeding in the bushes. The longer the ear, the more prone it is to damage. On the other hand, thicker ears are less prone to damage.  Day by day, the number and pattern of tears/notches/holes change.  Curiously, this pattern of tears/notches/holes is used by researchers to identify individuals. Not only that but also in the way of the veins in the ears.”  We had mistakenly assumed the notches were a result of age.

Plus, being together, day and night, day after day, year after year, has only made us stronger as a couple and more in tune with each other’s wants and desires in all areas of life.  

Whether it’s telepathic or not is irrelevant. The fact remains, this life is possible for us because we get along so well and, let’s face it, we’re “glued at the hip.”

Sweet dreams to all!

Photo from one year ago today, August 3, 2017:

This is the parrot after they were knocked unconscientious after hitting the glass wall of the veranda in Costa Rica.  There was a bird deterrent on the glass, but this poor bird slammed so hard into the glass we assumed it was dead.  It was sad to see this happen. After about 20 minutes, it awakened and eventually flew away. We were thrilled. For more, please click here.

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