The remainder of our Kruger photos…More exciting photos to come…

Lindsey’s incredible photo of two hippos carrying on.

Today, we share more photos from our Tuesday visit to Kruger National Park. Our guests are still reeling from the adventure.

Early this morning, Norman, Noah, and Nina were waiting for us when Tom opened the doors to the veranda. He came to tell me, and I bolted out of bed to toss them some carrots while Tom refilled the bucket of pellets from the storeroom across the car park.

A bloat of hippos in the Sabie River.

In moments, the garden was packed with wildlife, and we both were busy feeding the various animals. In no time, our guests joined us at the veranda table, coffee in hand, and reveled in the wonder of the wildlife visiting us.

Our guests had some paperwork to tackle and preferred to stay in while I busied myself with household tasks and piles of laundry now that it was sunny again. Our linen napkins were dirty, and I wanted to get them washed before our next meal at the house.

We enjoyed watching this elephant.

Based on our plan to go to Amazing Kruger View for dinner and Crocodile River viewing tonight before sunset and tomorrow night at Jabula for our usual Friday night dinner, I won’t be making dinner again until Saturday. Rita and Gerhard will join us tomorrow evening.

Adorable baby elephant.

We are staying busy with our guests and looking forward to returning to Kruger in the next few days. They loved lunch at the Mugg & Bean and shopping in the fabulous gift shop at Lower Sabie. Of course, the wildlife sightings were the highlight of the day.

Moms and babies…

Tom and I are doing well. Neither of us stresses when we have houseguests. We maneuver through the days and evenings with ease. These wonderful friends are especially easy to host since they are blissfully resourceful and independent.

Plus, with them living in the two flats with their kitchen suitable for making a hot breakfast, coffee, and snacks, my only contribution is making dinner (with Connie’s help) and Tom doing his usual job of washing dishes, pots, and pans.

The moms and babies were fun to watch.

With Zef and Vusi cleaning five days a week, there’s little else for us to do otherwise: pick up after ourselves and clean up the kitchen after prepping and cooking meals.

They have also made their lunches since we stocked their flats with plenty of breakfast and lunch foods.  Most days, when we stay in, they make sandwiches for themselves and bring them to our house for more wildlife watching during their meal. Easy-peasy for us.

An elephant at the Verhami Dam.

As mentioned above, soon we’ll head to Amazing Kruger View for sundowners and dinner later. Hopefully, we will spot some wonders on the river, adding to the repertoire of photos they have collected during their stay.

Stay well. We will be back with more tomorrow!

Photo from one year ago today, September 22, 2021:

Impalas have such pretty faces and markings. A helmeted guinea fowl manages to “photo-bomb.” For more photos, please click here.

Comments and responses The remainder of our Kruger photos…More exciting photos to come…

  1. Darius Jakubik Reply

    Hi Jess and Tom! I am beyond excited to have googled your name and thereby stumbled upon your website and amazing story of world travels and adventure.
    I must say, it doesn’t shock me to know that you and Tom have taken your lives by the reigns and done what others only dream of.
    Your story is breathtaking and I am glued to the blogs and updates from the past 10+ years of what sounds like, well, a life best lived. I’m green with envy and cannot wait to share your story with my fiancée. It’s the stuff that we’ve always dreamed of and I hope we can connect and learn from your experience to better navigate this giant, wonderful planet we live in.
    I also read in one of the articles you both were featured in, that you’re sister passed during the lockdown and it made me think of Susan. I assume it was her whom passed… I knew you all in a different life. A young life. A young time far away from my home. When Jean and I broke up, I left behind many friends that made a big impact on who I was and the man I grew up to be.
    Jessica and Tommy Lyman were 2 of the most awesome individuals I’d ever met when I arrived in MN. You taught me a lot about life and how to live it with joy and laughter. I miss you and I miss those times. It helped shape me and I’m grateful that I knew you both. Minnesota will always have a special place in my memory and life. Mine-Stroh-dahhh! I can taste it now:)
    Anyway, you now have another loyal follower and I hope that we can connect again one day and laugh and smile and feel good about this world and our lives.
    Be good. Stay healthy. Say hi to Tommy for me and I’ll do my best to connect and follow your adventures!

    Bobby Jakubik

    • worldwide-admin Post authorReply

      Bobby, how wonderful to hear from you! Tom and I are smiling from ear to ear reading your kind and thoughtful message. We often talked about you. We hope you are content and enjoying life. Write to us anytime! We have houseguests right now so I don’t have time to write much. We’re thrilled you found us and are enjoying our posts. We feel blessed to live this wonderful life and being able to share it with our readers all over the world.

      Much love,
      Jess & Tom

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