The Laysan Albatross story continues…A 63 year old Albatross named Wisdom has a baby…

s it coincidence that a few days before we even knew about the albatross living in Richard’s neighborhood that we read this story about a 63 year old tagged Laysan Albatross named Wisdom and her mate had hatched another egg?

Whoever gave albatross much thought, let alone found them incorporated into their lives?  We’d heard of them.  We knew they flew across the sea and had white feathers.  But, that was the extent of it.  Until now.

When last year, this story about Wisdom’s chick hit the airwaves and social media we hadn’t spotted it until it popped up again on Facebook a week ago. Tom and I both read the story in awe of this magical bird and only days later Richard told us about the albatross families living in his neighborhood.

We’re always surprised how life is filled with serendipitous moments, however small, from time to time, making us shake our heads and wonder about the mysteries we encounter along the way in our travels, in our lives.

“Wisdom the Laysan albatross is making headlines again. We’ve watched in wonder ever since she hit 60 years old and was still successfully raising chicks. Last year she and her mate raised another chick to fledge, and this year their newest baby has just hatched!
“As the world’s oldest known bird in the wild, Wisdom is an iconic symbol of inspiration and hope for all seabird species,” said Dan Clark, refuge manager for Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, in a news release. “She provides the world valuable information about the longevity of these beautiful creatures. In the case of Wisdom, she has logged literally millions of miles over the Pacific Ocean in her lifetime to find enough fish eggs and squid to feed herself and multiple chicks, allowing us the opportunity to measure the health of our oceans which sustain albatross as well as ourselves.”

Here is the link to
the full story about Wisdom and her chick.  

There’s never a moment that we are out and about that we aren’t searching for the next sign of life in nature to warm our hearts and remind us of how delicate and precious life really is and, how fortunate we are to behold its wonders as we continue to travel the world.

Yesterday, we took a road trip and have many photos of our own to share over the next several days. It felt as if we drove to the end of the world.  You’ll see why tomorrow.

Happy Hump Day!

                                           Photo from one year ago today, January 28, 2014:

In our “small things” series in Africa, we were excited to get this close up of a moth through the glass on the veranda door, late one night. For other small things, please click here.

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