Tall and tan and young and lovely…Great night out with friends…

What could be more fun than stopping on the way to dinner to let these magnificent beasts cross the road? Most likely, this was a mom and growing youngster.

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

We never fail to stop to observe an ostrich. What a fantastic bird!

Today is a busy day! We’ve been up and prepping since 7:00 am with company coming for homemade pizza, salad, and dessert. Soon, we’ll take off for a quick trip to the mini-mart here in the park to see if they have a few odds and ends we discovered we needed.

However, even on these busy days, regardless of what’s on the agenda, we ensure there’s ample time to upload somewhat of a post for the day. Although mundane and a mere representation of quiet days “at home,” the words come quickly.

They always seem mindful of observing oncoming traffic,  But then again, we’re cognizant of giving them the right-of-way.

Photos may be a challenge when we’re aren’t always out and about searching for new and unique photo ops. Yesterday, we embarked on our usual two-hour drive here in Marloth Park and encountered several situations we’ll share over the next few days as we wind down the weekend.

On Monday, we’re off to see Deidre, the director of Wild & Free, Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release, to discuss her and her center’s research on Bovine TB, mainly how it affects its animals in the antelope family of which there are many in Marloth Park.

Such beautiful and graceful animals.

Also, while there, we’ll have an opportunity to take photos of many species currently being rehabbed at the facility and discuss the great work for wildlife. Everyone in the park knows about Deidre’s devotion and dedication.  

Although we met her before under more social circumstances, we’re enthused to see her again in her outstanding role as a conservationist and caregiver for wildlife. We’ll be posting the story with photos via a series over several days, beginning on Tuesday. We’re so looking forward to this opportunity.

All the cars in front of us also stopped to watch the giraffes.  That’s why people live in and visit Marloth Park.

Last night, we joined friends Linda and Ken for dinner at Phumula. Although the food isn’t as outstanding as at Jabula Lodge, we had a nice dinner and enjoyed the lively conversation. They had been traveling non-stop for the past almost three months and shared some spectacular experiences, some we’ve had in these past years and others that inspire us.

That’s what is so special about making friends with other world travelers. We learn so much about places we’d like to visit in the future. The world is a huge place. We’ll never run out of enthusiasm to see more and more as time marches on.

This giraffe was way more interesting in dining than paying attention to the motorists.

It is exciting to share our recent travels to Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, locations which they’d already visited in the past. It’s the commonality of most of our friends here in Marloth Park that certainly adds flair to conversations, where we’ve been, where we plan to go in the future. The myriad experiences we have each day engaging with the wildlife while living in this magical place.

Those conversations were so unlike discussions with friends in our old lives that were spectacularly over-the-top, mentally stimulating, and often filled with loud laughter.  The talks are equally mentally stimulating, filled with loud laughter, but the topics are very different.

Stopping to check out the passing cars.

Now, we focus on sharing a plethora of world travel-related topics, wildlife, and nature.  Wow! This experience certainly has rounded out our interests as opposed to what may have been had we “stayed put” in the US in our retirement years.

No doubt, had we never conceived of the idea to travel the world, now in our sixth year, we’d have found a level of contentment enjoyed by many retirees, often moving to warmer climates, making new friends, and staying in touch with old friends.

These two giraffes were on the opposite side of the road munching on greenery.

This “stepping outside the box” premise far exceeded anything we ever imagined for our lives.  Last night, on our way to the restaurant, stopping for giraffes crossing the road, Tom looked at me and said, “Who would have to thunk it?  Did you ever imagine stopping on the road to let giraffes pass?”

I smiled, looking deep into his eyes and, without a word, he knew my answer.

Have a fabulous weekend and be well and happy.

Photo from one year ago today, June 2, 2017:

This pretty flower at Butchart Gardens attracted flying insects, as shown in the upper left. For more photos, please click here.

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