Visitors to our home over past few days…Human kind, that is…

With all the rain these past days, its been easy to spot the waterfalls.

Our condo, although perfect for the two of us, is not ideal for entertaining guests. With the bedroom located at the end of the main living area and the dining table at the other end, it could be a bit awkward having guests.

But, with our easy attitude about not fussing over details in our daily lives, we welcome whoever crosses the door of our temporary home no matter where we live including here in Kauai.

Today there’s a bit of sunshine.  Yesterday, the mountains were covered in thick clouds and vog (volcanic smoke and fog).
Tom, friendly sort that he is, has met several people across the street at the lookout, where he wanders several times per day to whale watch. Not only is the walk back and forth good for him but, he has the fabulous opportunity to meet new people, two couples of which he’s invited over in the past several days either to meet me and/or get out of the pouring rain.

Most often the couples he meets at the looking are leaving soon. How wonderful it would be that they were staying for longer periods like us. But, for however long we make the acquaintance of others, our lives are enriched in many ways.

The morning before Julie departed we took one last trip to the overlook of Hanalei Bay.

When we first arrived in Kauai over two months ago, we met another fabulous couple, Vicki and Jerry, on the beach in Hanalei spending the entire afternoon together. We engaged in lively conversation finding our lives parallel in many ways in their diverse travel experience and the manner in which they relish the quality of their lives. 

Here’s the link to that day’s post in Hanalei with Vicki and Jerry, with photos of all of us.

Cloudy days have a certain appeal in Kauai.

We’ve been very fortunate to continue meeting many people here in Kauai. Although many leave for their other homes in other locations, we find ourselves entrenched in ongoing social activities, many attributable to Richard who has taken on the role of our personal social director and now, a lifelong friend. 

Every week Richard seems to pop up with another new plan to enhance our social calendar which we’ve yet to refuse to participate in; dinner parties, full moon parties, house parties, local senior events, and of course, his charming companionship of which we never tire.

I never tire of taking photos of the beautiful African Tulips.

The only other place we’d lived in these past 29 months that has afforded us so much social activity was Marloth Park, South Africa, where the human-kind visitors were as plentiful as the animal-kind. 

Now, here in Kauai, the animal visitors are limited to whale and dolphin watching and the birds, the glorious Laysan albatross, and of course, the endless array of other birds who’s photos we’ve posted regularly. 

After spending considerable time trying to figure out every type of pod growing on trees in Kauai, I’ve given up. It appears that many such pods simple bloom into the leaves of the various trees.  Now with spring in the air, I may be able to determine otherwise and prove myself wrong.

Kauai is not ripe with wildlife other than avian and marine types. Our friends Bev and Sam have told us many stories about the feral pigs in Kauai invading their property and the complex measures they’ve found necessary to implement to reduce their invasion.

Yes, we do miss the abundance of wildlife in Africa and we always will, hoping someday to return. In the meantime, we’re content with the abundance of the human-kind and of course, the growing albatross chicks down the road which we check on every few days. 

Tomorrow, we’ll begin preparing our tax stuff for our accountant in Nevada, a task I’ve put off for far too long.  It’s the one thing I tend to procrastinate over, year after year. Otherwise, I’m “johnnie on the spot” on other such tedious responsibilities. 

Look at the size of this Laysan albatross chick! They are growing fast.  Every few days we drive to the neighborhood to see their progress. Oftentimes, the chicks are left alone for many days while the parents head out to sea for food returning to regurgitate a huge portion for the chicks. As the chicks get fatter and fatter, they are easily able to survive on their fat for water and sustenance until their mom and dad return.

As soon as I complete and upload the post on Monday morning, I’ll start compiling the necessary components to piece the tax stuff altogether, ugh! I commend those of you who are ahead of this painstaking process each year. 

Once it’s completed, I’ll feel free to return to joining Tom in our endless pursuit of “where do we go next.” This, dear readers, is a task filled with pure joy and adventure.

Happy Sunday! 

                                           Photo from one year ago today, March 22, 2014:

The maze-like structures of the souks in the Big Square never ceased to be confusing. Walking to the far edges of the souks, it was only Tom’s great sense of direction that enabled us to find our way back to our house located “smack dab” in the center of the Jemaa el Fna souk, one of the most famous souks in the world. For details, please click here.