Future world travelers…What does it take besides a willingness to “let go”?..

Ulysses, the groundskeeper, brought us these fresh limes this morning plucked from a tree on the property.  There’s an electric juicer here so I juiced the lime and mixed the juice with my water and a slice of the lime.  Delicious!

“Sightings from the Veranda in Costa Rica”

Another exquisite sunset from the veranda.

Over these past years, we’ve had countless potential future world travelers contacts us with questions.  Many have been in the process of selling their homes or contemplating doing so.  Some have decided to keep their homes, rent them for awhile to see how they feel after traveling for a year or two.

Many “baby boomers” and others have decided to downsize, keep a small apartment or condo with enough of their “stuff” should they decide this life isn’t for them.  This way, they can return to a life intact in a desirable location containing their familiar belongings. 

Some who decide to become “homeless,” per se, put their belongings in a storage facility providing them with peace of mind should they find the nomadic life is not for them in a year or two.

The formal dining room is lovely but we’ve yet to dine at the table.

Those that can afford to do so may choose to keep their homes as a base and travel outside their home country for awhile, returning every few months or so to take care of their homes, spend time with family, attend to their financial responsibilities, repack and plan for the next adventure.

All of these scenarios and many more consist of world travel.  All of these scenarios will provide the adventure seeker and self-proclaimed explorer an opportunity to see the world.

However, when many of these travelers contact us, our answers may not be befitting their chosen path.  We try to keep this in mind and address the answers to accommodate their personal choices.

Beautiful built-ins containing many treasures from Bev and Sam’s world travels.

Traveling for a month or two, staying short term in resorts and hotels in tourist areas, and even perhaps traveling to a new location every week or two, is far removed from our reality. 

Of course, we encourage everyone who can to get outside of their “comfort zone” to explore whatever it may be that “trips their trigger” (no pun or political reference intended). 

Whether it’s sightseeing in your home town, something few people ever do or visiting a nearby state for a weekend, we all benefit from getting away from the day to day stresses that can be suffocating.  We felt this creeping up during the nine weeks we spent in the USA;  traffic, noise, smog, pushy people, and waiting in long lines for almost everything.

This pretty plant in the dining room is situated next to one of two speakers for the sound system.

We’ve yet to encounter a couple who took this leap of faith with no home, no stuff, no storage, with no end in sight; health and longevity providing.  Oh, we’ve met couples “out in the world” who’ve let go of all their worldly possessions and plan to travel for a year or two. 

But, we’ve yet to meet the couple who’ve gone to the extreme that we have.  That’s not to say there’s anything special about us.  There’s not.  Perhaps, we just were in a head space that has made this life meaningful and comfortable for us.

Certainly, my vastly renewed health after changing my diet (six years ago this month) after 25 years of chronic pain, was highly instrumental.  Perhaps, Tom’s good pension from 42 plus years on the railroad was highly instrumental.  Perhaps, my desire to document, to write and to share our story played some type of role.

Bev and Sam have also traveled to Africa returning with many handmade works of art, such as these.

Perhaps, above all, the commonality Tom and I shared and continue to share, in our passion for wildlife, nature, and culture was highly instrumental in making us the right couple to live this often challenging and always unusual life…a life of travel with no end in sight.

We had no idea at the onset if both of us would continue to find this lifestyle suitable and fulfilling.  While we were planning, we made a commitment to one another that should one of us want to “stop” the other would agree to do so without issue.  Now we laugh when we jokingly ask one another, “Do you want to stop?”

We’ve heard many stories of how couples who seemed compatible in their travel desires have found after a period of time, they can’t seem to make the 24/7 commitment and decision making-process work for them.

The dining room is decorated with many fine works of art and decorator items.

Regardless of one’s motivation or method of traveling the world, each person/couple will decide for themselves what works for them, economically, emotionally and spiritually in satisfying what for some is an innate desire to travel.  The terms and conditions determined and established for such a life are unique from one person, one couple to another.

For us, it’s the uncertainty, it’s the complexity, it’s the sense of adventure.  To a degree it’s an element of risk in stretching ourselves to our limits based on our age, ability, and health, all play a vital role in making this life joyful for us.

The large exquisite table seats eight.  It surely could be fun to host a dinner party for eight.

No, we don’t do as much sightseeing as some travelers.  But, browse through our archives over this past almost five years and you’ll find how much we’ve actually been sightseeing and exploring. 

For us, that’s not what it’s all about.  We love being able to immerse ourselves into the daily lifestyle of the locals living nearby us at any given time.  We love learning, researching and exploring to discover the nuances and intricacies of life in other lands.  We come away with knowledge, stories, and photos we’ll be able to carry with us wherever we may go. 

Most of all, having the opportunity to share our day to day lives with all of you in words and photos have enhanced our travels in a way that is truly indescribable. 

The view from the dining room is not unlike the sweeping views from most of the rooms in this special property.

Even if, our dreams of world travel are different from one another, we’re always delighted to share tidbits of information we’ve gleaned from our experiences, maybe saving you hours of research in the process.

Thanks to each and every one of our readers for traveling along with us and please, never hesitate to share you stories or questions with us.  We love hearing from YOU!


Photo from one year ago today, August 12, 2016:

Not our photo. Police and investigators searched for clues after a bombing not far from us in Phuket.   Many victims were taken to area hospitals.  See this link for detailsHere’s our story one year ago.