Busy week…Clouds prevail…Preparing for a houseguest…A year ago photo of the Medina at night!

The orchids in Hawaii are amazing.

With my sister arriving in a few days, Tom and I are holding off from heading out to sightsee over the next few days. Instead, Julie and I will wander about the island, taking more photos, seeing new sites, spending valuable time together after over two years apart.

The front entrance to the St. Regis Hotel is a short walk from our condo in Princeville. A few days ago, on yet another cloudy day, we took off on a walk to check it out.

Last night, we had a great evening with Richard watching the finale of The Bachelor after an early dinner, loving every moment of our idle chatter and hilarious comments during the show.

The lobby of the St. Regis.

We were all thrilled with the outcome of the show, although Richard came around to our side midway through.  It was comparable to watching a sporting event, cheering all the while. Tom would beg to differ with me that no reality show compares to watching the Minnesota Vikings, longing for a win.

This view is deceiving. Its across an indoor pond to the veranda dining area.  Since we didn’t go out to dinner on our anniversary, one night soon we’ll try the pricey dinner here as a special treat.

This morning, we’re heading to an event at the Community Center, for which we’ll share details later. Its a senior event that brings many retirees in Princeville together for games, snacks and conversation. 

Lanai dining overlooking Hanalei Bay.

Preparing for a house guest is important to me, although getting ready for a party of one is a lot easier than when our 12 family members arrived in Pahoa, Big Island in December.

Views over the lower level rooftops to Hanalei Bay.

Few people eat as we do, making it necessary to stock the house with “normal” foods such as bread, yogurt, fruit and low fat this and that, none of which we ever consume. I asked Julie for a list and chuckled after seeing it. It was the same list I’d have made for myself four years ago, before I started eating high fat, low carb, moderate protein, minus starches, grains, gluten and sugars.

There’s nothing that compares to a mountain and ocean view, typical here in Kauai.

Of course, I’ll keep my mouth shut and not preach or even extol the virtues of our way of eating. Nor will I offer up access to 1000 scientific studies supporting this strict diet we follow for reduction in inflammation, pain and general illness. 

They were preparing for a wedding in the outdoor dining area.  Tom is checking out the view.

With someone I love, its tough to keep silent. But, after knowing one another all of our lives, she knows if she wants more information, she can ask me. And, if I slip up, I know she’ll tell me to “drop it.”

We’ve moved all of the luggage that we’ve stored upstairs out of the way so she’ll have room for her bags for her eight day visit. 

As we walked the grounds of the hotel there was considerable vegetation.

The stairway to the loft is a little steep but has a good handrail. There are  no windows in the loft which may be a good thing with the roosters crowing early in the morning. But, knowing Julie, she’ll be fine, especially when we’ve prepared her so well.

There’s no chest of drawers or closet in the loft but with two beds, she can use one for storing her clothing, the other for sleeping. After all, visiting Hawaii doesn’t require an extensive wardrobe, especially for this short a period. 

Oh, a sunny day would be lovely.  Hopefully soon.

We each have one suitcase apiece filled with our respective clothing and it will get us around the world for years to come. We always chuckle when we see tourists, each with multiple bags for a one or two week vacation. That used to be us.

Preparing meals for the three of us will be interesting with our dietary differences but surely we’ll figure it out.  The important thing is spending time together sitting on the lanai, out and about sightseeing or lounging on a beach. 

We wandered through the area of the shops in the hotel with nary a thought of making any type of purchase. In my old life, I’d have been scouring the windows for a unique find. Now, I don’t care.

Tom, who doesn’t like sitting in the sand, will revel in the fact that Julie and I will be going to a beach without him. He’ll have some time to himself which he’ll certainly cherish.  

The little car is too small to comfortably fit three. If we go out to dinner, I’ll squeeze into the tiny backseat as long as we don’t plan to go too far. Years ago, I could never have maneuvered my body into that tiny space due to pain and discomfort. Now, with my way of eating and feeling so well for the past 3 1/2 years, I can easily manage squeezing into tight spaces. (There I go again).

A Cattle Egret, a common bird in the Hawaii Islands. This appeared to be a young bird. She wouldn’t stay still long enough for a good photo.

Today, we’re sharing photos we when took a few days ago when yet again the sun failed to grace us with its presence. It was in the 50s overnight last night, cold for Hawaii. Hopefully, soon the clouds will pass and Kauai will once again be warm and sunny.

Have a terrific Tuesday. Back at you soon!

                                             Photo from one year ago today, March 10, 2014:

A night in the Medina in Marrakech, Morocco. The sights, the sounds and the smells were astounding. For more photos from that evening out, please click here.