Poolside posting… Family photos…Upcoming professional-chef-prepared dinner tonight at lakeshore home of old friends..

Adorable granddaughter Madighan during timeout.

Yesterday, as it turned out, Madighan was with me, not Maisie, as originally planned who is here with us today.  Once again, we have a fun day planned engaging in activities befitting an active 10 year old.

Granddaughter Madighan pushing a swing with her toy cat in the seat.
The traffic on Wednesday was so bad that the usual 20 minute drive to Greg”s home resulted in a 90 minute round trip.   We barely arrived back at the hotel in time for breakfast.
Tom was waiting for us and we all had breakfast together.  Each day I eat the same items for breakfast including two hard boiled eggs, a few sausages and two little packs of cream cheese. The kids like the self-cooked waffles, bacon or sausage with typically, a bowl of Lucky Charms or a muffin on the side.
Madighan sitting in the sand at a park.

It’s enough to hold me until dinner although on the nights when we dine after the kid’s soccer games, it’s often close to 9:00 pm.  By then, we’re both ready to chow down, not necessarily good so close to bedtime.

Madighan”s a good soccer player.
Tonight, we’re invited to friends Connie and Jeff’s home for dinner and no doubt we’ll have an amazing meal although I”d asked Connie to make it easy for herself.  Connie is a professional chef with extensive travel experiences. What an exciting line of work!  In 2010 and 2013 Connie trained in Paris and London at the world renowned Le Cordon Bleu.

Here in Minnesota, Connie is a chef and caterer for many clients throughout the Twin Cities and for events at the Minnetonka Yacht Club.  Connie travels to Provence, France each year for more catering events and to hone her vast Mediterranean skills. We’ll certainly report back with photos from their lovely lake front home on Lake Minnetonka in the desirable Deephaven location.
Contemplative during her time off the field.
Yesterday afternoon,  Madighan and I made our way through more traffic to the New Hope Cinema and Grill to see the new Smurf’s movie.  Cute!  This was my fourth kid movie in less than two weeks.  
She had no idea I was taking photos of her.  Most photos I usually take are of wildlife and nature.  Taking photos of human subjects is a new experience for me which I’ll continue to pursue while here in the US.
On Monday next week,  Miles and I are planning to see the new “Cars” movie. Feel free to contact me for reviews on kid movies. By the time we leave Minnesota in almost three weeks,  I’ll have seen most of the G rated summer movies!
But,  it’s fun to watch the smiles on their little faces while watching the movies,  regardless if I care for the movie or not.  Being with them is all that matters.
Yesterday Tom and TJ had a great day at the St. Paul Saints baseball game,  spending quality dad and son time alone together.
Tom and TJ”s view from their seats at the CHS Field while watching a St. Paul Saints baseball game.
It was another meaningful family day with many more upcoming in these next weeks.  Having the free shared online Cozi calendar has certainly helped keep track of our busy days and nights, especially when family members can freely add to it or change events at will.
Maisie and I are off for another fun day together!
Tom and TJ selfie.

Happy day!


Photo from one year ago today, June 15, 2016:

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