In this part of the world…

Tom took all of these sunset photos last night, as the views changed in a matter of seconds. 

It started out as a dark and gloomy day, at 7:00 am this Easter Sunday in the South Pacific. Low lying clouds shrouded views of the mountains. If we looked hard, we were able to see the ocean through the mist. Now, as we approach 10:30 am, the sun is out and the mist has cleared.

Peering out the windows we can see some of the nearby alpacas although many are now at distant paddocks requiring that we walk quite a way to visit. Today, as yesterday, we’ll walk over a few times, again checking on Delilah and Mont Blanc. 

We can’t actually see the sun at sunset due to the mountains, but the sky delivers.

The magpies are loudly singing their wide variety of songs as always. They are one of a few bird species in the immediate area (they scare off other birds), flying in pairs as they dash through the trees occasionally alighting on the patio or deck for our easy perusal, never quite long enough for a photo of their distinct black and white plumage.

With no big plans for today, we’ll stay in. This is our fourth Easter away from family and of course, we miss them, the festivities, the laughter and the noise of playful activities. How could we not? 

These views aren’t over the ocean.

But, we’re content, at ease in our decisions, at home in any environment, at peace in having chosen this life on the move. In a mere three weeks from today, we’ll be boarding Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas for a 14 night cruise, having flown from Auckland the previous day for an overnight in Sydney.

Its funny how some venues refer to 14 nights or…14 days. Often I refer to days/nights spent in various locations as “days” as opposed to “nights.” For us, the “days” seem most significant, the nights mostly spent in relaxation and slumber. 

Quickly darkness fall and the views dissipate.

On cruises, we stay up later at night thoroughly embracing the evening’s socialization. Then again, the days are rather enjoyable when we often find ourselves spending entire days in the company of other cruise passengers or languishing in our favorite ways to spend days aboard ship on our own.

For today, there’s no special meal. Tom’s meal will include well seasoned baby back ribs (no sauce) and I’ll have grilled yellow fin tuna. We’ll both have a variety of low carb friendly side dishes. 

Taking photos of the two pink cockatoos through the narrow chain link fence is tricky.  This unedited photo illustrates the tightness of the fence. 

After busying myself in the kitchen after today’s post, we’ll take the walk to check on the animals, visit the pink cockatoos who get excited and noisy when they see us coming, and walk to the neighboring property to say hello to our favorite local cows, bulls and sheep.

Later in the day, if it stay sunny, we’ll sit on the deck to toast a glass of New Zealand white wine, a pleasant Pinot Gris we picked up at the grocery store.

The lily pond continues to bloom pretty flowers

Ah, had we been farmers in our old lives how we would have appreciated being able to revel in the beauty and simplicity of farm life without the work. Instead, we’ve been gifted during this exquisite three month period with the unique opportunity to experience just that…an ideal farm life free from responsibilities. 

How fortunate we feel, even as the time quickly winds down toward leaving. We’re preparing ourselves for the upcoming busy next many months with our usual enthusiasm and joy. Life is good. May yours be as well.
Happy Easter to celebrants in this part of the world and tomorrow, for others.

Photo from one year ago today, March 27, 2015:

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