Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, kind of days…Is time our friend? Amazing one year ago photo!!!

These are Noni fruit growing on our street.

Finally, the sun is shining today and with two, soon to be six grandkids in tow, cloudy days aren’t much fun in Hawai’i when water activities are foremost in their minds. The cloudy rainy days have momentarily passed as have the accompanying rainbows we often spot in the horizon.

Nik and Jayden in the yard checking out the waves.

Here’s the link to this song, “Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows,” by Leslie Gore from 1965. 

Today, if the nice weather holds up, we’ll head to the Kaholo Tide Pools. With some sun and warmth, it will be an enjoyable outing. Although it hasn’t been “cold” its been cool and damp these past several days.

This is the Cook Pine.  Beautiful, soft to the touch.

This morning after our showers, we put on our swimsuits ready to tackle a perfect day. Tom’s already sprayed the salt off the windows facing the sea and our views are unimpeded by salt while I sit here inside preparing today’s post and Tom checks out his FB. The windows are wide open allowing the ocean breezes to waft inside making the air refreshing. We love it.

Tall evergreens frequently seen in Hawaii.

We now realize why AC is not necessary on the Big Island of Hawai’i. It never really gets hot enough to warrant it, except for perhaps a few days in the summer. Then again, most tourists don’t visit the islands in the summer in their attempt to get away from cold and inclement weather in the winter months.

Dewey flowers, a type of Lily, in our yard after the rain.

Our other family members, a total of eight, will arrive at varying times next Sunday. We’ll be prepared for their arrival with plenty of food on hand, including snacks, Kona coffee, macadamia nuts and a hot dinner waiting. 

After looking through hundreds of photos, I can’t find the names of this unusual fruit. Come on, Hawaiian, help me out here!

Their rooms will be cleaned and prepared for their arrival (no cleaning people here, except us) and we’ll anxiously wait by the door as they drive themselves from the Kona airport to our house in Pahao. 

Shoreline from a walk in our neighborhood.

There are two major airports on this island, Kona (the largest international) and Hilo, a smaller regional airport.  When we booked their flights long ago to and from Kona there were less layovers and more options, as opposed to the Hilo airport. 

We spotted this “package” floating hundreds of yards out to sea.  What could it be? Please comment, if you know.

The stumbling block was the two hour drive. At that point, we assumed we’d be picking everyone up at the Kona airport.  We figured they’d prefer to spend less time waiting at an airport somewhere for the extra 90 minutes drive time through the beautiful countryside of Hawaii. We opted for the later. Hopefully, they’ll all agree once they arrive.

The two families arriving next Sunday have rented their own vehicles and will transport themselves both ways.  Plus, it enables all of us to go out together or in groups at our leisure. This works out well and we appreciate their doing so. 

When the sun peeked out, we took more photos of the sea.

Unfortunately, and to our disappointment our son Richard from Las Vegas is unable to come at this time due to a recent biking accident and major shoulder injury. 

Also, my younger sister Julie, is also staying behind due to an upcoming serious surgery. We’ll be there for her in our hearts and prayers and by Skype on a daily basis. Yes, it’s worrisome, especially being so far away, especially when there is nothing I can do for her except call, with the family here during that difficult period

Often, plants without flowers are colorful in Hawai’i.

We’re hoping they will both come to visit us in Kauai during the four months we’ll be living on the garden island beginning on January 15, 2015, a little over a month away.  How quickly the time flies.

The clouds and raging sea over the past few days.

Ah, time, it’s our friend and our enemy. When we have it, we try to remain grateful, using it well. When it is taken from us, we scramble to make the most of what we have. In neither case, admonishing its existence is pointless and frustrating, especially when we see as we age that it whisks past us like a runaway train. All we can do, is “get out of the way” and make the most of it!

That’s what Tom and I attempt to do each day. Are we always successful? No. Ms. Overly Cheerful and Mr. Overly Grumpy may differ from time to time, as do circumstances over which we have no control. 

Interest cement house and old automobile while on one of our drives.

But, we continue on, full of love and full of hope for living life to the maximum, in the moment and ultimately, for time to come.

                                           Photo from one year ago today, December 14, 2013:

This has got to be one of my most favorite things to have ever witnessed when stepping outdoors one morning from our house in Marloth Park, South Africa, looking through the carport, one year ago today. Long legs. Very long legs. Gingerly, I walked back to the kitchen door and whispered to Tom, ‘Stop pouring the coffee, honey. Quickly and quietly, step outside.” The look on his face when he saw these legs through the carport will be a look I’ll always remember of sheer joy and wonder. But, the fun had just begun when 12 giraffes came into our yard, staying over an hour while we took videos and photos.  To see more, please click here.