Sorrow in Paris reverberates throughout the world…No place in the world is safe…

This modern sailboat has been anchored in the bay in front of us since yesterday afternoon. We suspected the crew decided to stay put for a few days in the inclement weather.

With no TV in Fiji, we’ve been watching and listening to the news online at a variety of outlets. The sorrowful loss of life as a result of the horrific terrorist attacks in France has brought the world to its knees in anguish and pain over the pointless deaths of innocent people.

This sorrow, as continually experienced by citizens throughout the world and in the US in 2001 and other periods in time, is only exacerbated by the reality that preventing future attacks seems to be an insurmountable undertaking as the toxicity of this faction escalates.

Although we choose not to use our site as a political or religious medium to express certain views, we can’t avoid expressing our heartfelt condolences and prayers for those who lost their lives, for healing those who were injured, and for the loved ones who bear the agony of such losses and sorrow.

What a beautiful sea as seen from our area!

Having been in Paris only 15 months ago, while there, past horrifying events in the city came to mind as we took the train to Versailles, dined in cafes,]popoo and lived for two weeks in a boutique hotel. No matter how mindful a local citizen or tourist maybe there’s no specific location safe from these attacks.

These types of risks are prevalent in most parts of the world as we easily witness from news reports from many countries. No country is exempt from the wrath of these groups and their indoctrinated often young people, who fall prey to the cult-like belief that death for themselves and others is better for this world than precious life.

How any God would espouse such destruction is beyond the comprehension of any of the majority of the world’s citizens. The promises made to these “destroyers of life and liberty” must be within a realm none of us can clearly understand.

Passing boats always catches our attention, as in this case of a private yacht.

Oh, we could philosophize on why this is possible but, we won’t go there today. Instead, per the intent of our ongoing journey, we think in terms of where we’ll travel in the future and in continuing with our intent to stay away from big cities when possible. 

As Tom always says, “The closer you get to tall buildings, the greater risk lies therein.” As travelers, we find it important as much as possible to live in more remote areas which in essence fulfills our personal goals in any case…stay clear of traffic, noise, and congestion.

But, for many, this is impossible when their lives dictate they work and live in vulnerable locations. Then again, no suburb or remote location is entirely safe. When we lived in Kenya for three months in the “suburb” of Diani Beach, our house was guarded 24 hours a day as well as being in a gated community of 18 homes, as well as being behind 8 foot, 2.4 meter, high iron gates and fences surrounding the property.

The clouds seldom disappear entirely. Over the past several days it’s been very hot, humid, and rainy although today, it’s a little cooler, although cloud-covered.

Entering the strip mall to grocery shop, armed guards inspected the vehicle, using a mirror on a pole with wheels to check underneath the car looking for bombs. We were frisked and our bags inspected as we entered the market and the Vodafone store.

While we lived in Kenya, the attack on a mall in Nairobi occurred. Although we were far from that location, we realized how vulnerable locals and travelers may be in any location. A month after we left Diani Beach, a restaurant where dined regularly was bombed. 

No place is safe. Even when we cruised through the Middle East, our ship was guarded by military vessels as we entered dangerous waters. Looking back, we’re happy to have had these experiences and are glad they are behind us now. That’s not to say, we’d never return to some of those areas but for now, we tread carefully in our future planning. 

Beautiful tree hanging over the inlet, we spotted when we visited the village of Vuodomo.

One could make themselves crazy with angst and worry about such risks. Instead, we think in terms of those who’ve suffered at the hands of these factions and can only attempt to do our best to be safe as we continue on.

In our home country, the US, these attacks continue in both larger and smaller cities and again, no place is exempt from these risks. 

We all have our thoughts and opinions as to how this should or could be contained, none of which we chose to share. In this PC world we live in today, many would disagree regardless of the stance we may take. We each have the privilege of our own opinions, sharing them as we see fit. 

Unless collectively, we take a stance to effect a global change, individually our opinions are just that. Change is possible. It always has been but those in control need to take the risks of forfeiting their “popularity” and rethink the world’s greater good. Therein, lies the answer. Who’s willing to do what’s necessary?

Photo from one year ago, November 15, 2014:

As the sun began to wane behind us in the mountains, we had a glimpse of a colorful sky. For more details, as we began planning for the upcoming flight to the Big Island where our family was coming for the holidays, please click here.

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