Social times in the bush…Certain visitors return for a visit…

When it took a few minutes for Tom to mix up the bowl of raw scrambled eggs, they began walking up the steps to the veranda.

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

While at Jabula Lodge & Restaurant for dinner last night with Kathy and Don, this bushy-tailed bushbaby appeared to eat the bananas they’d left out. This type of bushbaby is approximately ten times the size of the bushbabies we see each night. 

Last night’s get-together with Kathy and Don started at AAmazing River View Restaurant and Bar for “sundowners’ while overlooking the Crocodile River. There’s no better way to see the sunset than this type of setting which never disappoints.  

We didn’t see much wildlife and were so busy catching up with Kathy and Don we never took a single sunset or wildlife photo. Need I say we had an excellent start to the evening.
Yesterday afternoon, shortly prior to leaving for dinner, a band of mongooses suddenly appeared in the garden. They were making their cute little noises, letting us know they were looking for eggs. 

A short time later, we drove our respective vehicles to Jabula Lodge and Restaurant for what proved to be yet another exceptional evening and meal while warmly greeted by owners Dawn and Leon.

Dining outdoors at this great restaurant is always a very special experience. Spending time with Kathy and Don only added to the enjoyment of the evening. Dawn always arranges food befitting my way of eating and yet, I always end up with a totally delicious and appealing meal.

It’s good to feed eggs to mongooses.  As carnivores, they kill snakes and venomous other creatures as their primary source of food.

Plus, last night, two bushy-tailed bushbabies made an appearance when bananas had been placed on the railing to the veranda. Of course, all the diners were on their feet taking photos with their smartphones, oohing and aahing, all the while.

As always, the conversation was lively and animated. It’s a tradition in South Africa when a visitor’s holiday stay is coming to a close, for the travelers to host a “going-away” party for themselves and their close friends.  

Lots of squeaking while waiting for Tom to appear.

Since we’ll be leaving in November, Kathy and I discussed that we host a Thanksgiving-type dinner. Kathy will help with finding some of the necessary ingredients in the bigger city of Pretoria when another of their holiday homes is located.

I’ve never seen a turkey at any of the markets but in the past, she’s been able to order them while in Pretoria and bring it here in time for the upcoming party. They don’t have canned pumpkin here but I’ve been able to purchase frozen pumpkin chunks that once partially cooked and thoroughly drained, will work for us to make traditional pumpkin pies.

Finally, they saw him coming with the big green bowl and began to scatter for their treat.

Finding the rest of the traditional items may be somewhat tricky but here in Africa, we foreigners always find a way to swap ingredients to make recipes work.  We’ll see how it goes.

This morning, I jumped out of bed early to begin making our usual egg casserole to bring to the party beginning at 11:00 am at Frikkies Dam in Lionspruit, an enclosed wildlife area within Marloth Park where a few lions reside. Louise and Danie are organizing and hosting as always.  

Check out that tongue sticking out, poised for more bananas.

We can bring our own food and cook on the braai in the enclosed area or, as we’re doing along with others, bringing a dish to share. It’s an easy-going fun experience we’ll certainly enjoy once again as we did several months ago.

Today’s post is a little rushed and I apologize for the lack of more interesting content. But, tomorrow is another day and we still have many more great photos to share. Please check back!

Happy, sunny day to all!

Photo from one year ago today, August 26, 2017:

These red hairy-looking fruits are rambutan. Atop the rambutan is an adorably decorated squash. For more farmers’ market photos in Costa Rica, please click here.

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