Shopping in the USA…Rewarding family visits…

Warthogs and kudus generally get along well while eating pellets.

Each time we return to the US for a visit, we find ourselves caught up in shopping, which neither cares to do. It’s incredibly annoying when visiting the shops in person as opposed to shopping online. As far as a camera goes, I believe I’ve located a good option

Most likely, I’ll order the camera in the next day or two, and it will be awaiting us at our mailing service in Las Vegas, ready to pick up along with some other mail we’ll be collecting at the time. Of course, we’re only purchasing items we can’t find in South Africa and items we must have.

This morning, after uploading the post, we’ll be heading out to a nearby Outlet Mall where dozens of discounted designer-type shops have excellent prices on their quality items.

Today’s primary goal is to visit the Cole Haan shoe store in the outlet mall so Tom can purchase a few pairs of replacement shoes that have “bit the dust” almost nine years later. It’s hard to believe those shoes lasted as long as they did, as we traveled all over the world.

Sure, we both could use some new clothes, but with weight restrictions for our upcoming international flight returning to South Africa, we do not want to pay for overweight luggage. It defeats the purpose of getting reasonable clothing prices in Minnesota, where there’s no sales tax on apparel. For that reason, we’ll make any purchases while here in Minnesota rather than in Wisconsin or Nevada.

Yesterday afternoon after Tom’s delightful visit with daughter Tammy and her partner Tracy, he returned to the hotel to pick me up. He had to turn around and head back the same way from whence he’d come through more rush hour traffic. We were on our way to Andover to visit his siblings and significant others.

We’d planned to play dice or cards with the six of them, but once we were seated around Collen and Gene’s big dining room table, the conversation, laughter, and reminiscing superseded anyone’s interest in playing cards. Tom, as the youngest in the family, is often odder for good humor among family members. Now that I’ve been around for 30 years, there were many stories I’d heard in the past and some in which I participated.

The next time we see them will be at a barbecue on Thursday at Mary and Eugene’s home, also in Andover. We’ll bring some food to eat and to share. There’s no doubt that once again, the conversation will be lively and animated.

Tonight, we’ll meet up with Greg’s family of five for dinner at a favorite restaurant in our old neighborhood, Maynard’s, located on Lake Minnetonka. Our dinner is reserved for 5:00 pm, to be followed by Miles’ baseball game at 7:15.  Here again, we’ll surely enjoy fun and lively conversations with Greg, Camille, and three of our grandchildren, Maisie, Miles, and Madighan. It’s lovely spending time with our family members.

Time is passing quickly. In 10 days, we’ll head to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 12 days, we’ll be on our way to Henderson, Nevada. In a mere 18 days, we’ll begin the long journey back to South Africa. Do we miss the bush? Of course, we do, but for now,  we’re living in the moment, wrapped up in spending time with family and, if time allows, a few friends.

After another good night’s sleep, feeling like our “old” selves once again, we’re holding up well with all the activity and look forward to each new day.  Please, stay with us as we continue on this lovely, fulfilling family visit.

Stay healthy and continue to observe Covid-19 protocols suitable for your location!

Photo from one year ago today, July 6, 2020:

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