Big storm…Raging seas..Bad Wifi…Video of storm…

Statue on the ship.

The past 38 hours have been comparable to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride from my childhood memories of Disneyland. The ship’s WiFi is the worst we’ve seen. I can hardly upload a photo.

Up until yesterday morning, I’d never been hit with any amount of seasickness until Tuesday our first night at sea as we made our way into the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver, British Columbia.

The pier in Vancouver.

After breakfast, Wednesday morning, in the not too crowded buffet (many passengers were sick in their cabins), a wave of nausea washed over me remaining throughout the entire day and evening.

Much to our disappointment, it was a formal night. On our prior cruise ending on the 14th, the formal night dress code allowed casual dressy which is easy for us to accommodate. Whereas, the formal attire rules on the Celebrity Solstice require more dressy clothes including a long sleeve shirt with a collar for the men and a skirt, dress, or pants suit for the ladies.

With the raging seas and my queasiness, I hardly felt like dressing in anything but my jeans and tee shirt.  However, my special food was already ordered the prior night and we felt there was no other good dining option for me. 

Tom has two long sleeve shirts, one, a khaki BugsAway and two, a white BugsAqay shirt, neither of which was ideal. He opted for the white shirt and hung it in the bathroom with the shower turned to remove the wrinkles.

In any case, we made it to dinner and were allowed inside for a nice dinner at a table for six where once I ate a little, I began to feel better and enjoy the conversation and dinner.

As for the storm at sea, it quickly began to work its way up to the caliber of the extreme storm we experience in April 2013 on the Norwegian Epic when we crossed the Atlantic Ocean with 50 foot swells for three days.

The sails at the pier in Vancouver.

Tom, having spent years on the railroad traveling on wobbly trains never felt nauseous for a moment, although I did notice him losing his footing on a few occasions when no one could have remained on their feet the way the ship violently heaved to and fro.

Included today are photos from the sailing away from Vancouver and of course, the video of the wild ride at sea.  Hopefully, by the time this post uploads the storm will have ended and our usual fun will be in full swing.

Hopefully, we’ll be back tomorrow with our itinerary, updates, and photos of this beautiful ship as our journey continues on.

                                                Photo from one year ago today, September 25, 2013:

Signal too poor to post more today. 

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