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Rocky shoreline at Ellis Beach along Captain Cook Highway narrowed the farther we drove.

Most mornings, we are up and dressed for the day by 7 am. Knowing we had to head out the door at 8:40 made it difficult for either of us to stay asleep beyond 5 am. Is that an old person thing? As we’ve aged we’ve noticed that we always attempt to be early for appointments rather than simply on time.

We drove further than we’d ever driven to Ellis Beach.  We’ve yet to head to Port Douglas but that road trip is coming soon.

What’s the deal with that? In my old business-orientated life and certainly in Tom’s railroad life, being on time was a vital part of our work and persona. Why be late when one can be on time? Why bear the embarrassing consequences of lateness when in most cases it’s entirely avoidable?

From this location, we could see the backside of Double Island and another view of Scout Island.

I’ve never understood the mindset of those people who try to do “one more thing” before they head out the door often making them late for the person waiting for them. Does doing the “one more thing” make the person waiting feel happy and respected?  Hardly.

House atop a hill on a peninsula in Ellis Beach.

In the case of professional appointments of one type or another, the person waiting may feel less personal about it but they develop a perception of the late person that is difficult for them to ever shake, at times having an effect on the quality of the service provided throughout a working relationship.

Ellis Beach is another pristine unpopulated beach.

Isn’t it ironic how right now, at this very moment, we could each make a list of 10 people we’ve known going back as far as 20 years or more as always being late? It’s a sad perception to leave in the minds of those who may otherwise care deeply for that individual.

This life we live has no room for tardiness. One can’t be late for a flight or a cruise. Imagine the additional inconvenience and cost one would bear from being late and missing a departure time. 

It’s surprising to see even a single person walking along the beach.

Of course, on a rare occasion being late may be due to an unforeseen occurrence. But, older people tend to factor in an extra period of time for the “unknown” when possible. In our minds, other than sudden illness or injury, being late is entirely avoidable with good planning.

This morning, in our somewhat obsessive manner (for lack of a better descriptive term) we hustled about the house tidying up, moving things out of the way, and even cleaning, knowing that Sylvie and Andy are coming to do the floors when we leave for the doctor appointment.

Zooming in as much as our less than stellar camera would allow, we spotted this fishing boat off the coast of Double Island.

We’ve worked out an equitable cleaning arrangement between us and the kind owners who could have chosen to do nothing to help us. However, their thoughtful mentality consisted of the fact that they usually provide cleaning for their short term renters, why would we be exempt from that service for us long term renters.

They’d offered to do the entire cleaning and bedding change but we refused in an attempt to be equally thoughtful. The compromise definitely reached amicably was this: we clean and do the bedding and they do the floors every two weeks vacuuming the area rugs and washing the floors. 

The sand is soft beneath our feet and yet few find their way to lounge in the sand during the winter months here in Australia. The temperature is ideal for beach activities and yet people stay away. Perhaps, apprehension about sharks, stingers, and crocodiles keep visitors off the beach.

Of course, in the interim, we (I) use the dust mop almost daily and sweep as needed. Tom is oblivious to crumbs on the floor whereby even a small gathering of dust requires my immediate attention. Weekly, I dust all the tables and surfaces and daily clean the bathroom and kitchen (Tom does dishes and cleans the kitchen after dinner and again after breakfast). This works perfectly.

Coming up at our next location, Fiji, we’ll have maid service twice a week  (included in the rent) which for us is more of a bother than helpful when we (I) always feel a need to clean up before they arrive.

More rocky shoreline.

The other aspect of our getting out the door in one hour from now as I write this is my desire to upload today’s post before we go, a lofty task this early in the morning, when usually, I submit it to the world wide web close to 11 am or at times later, depending on the content and number of photos.

Most often, I take my time, local news on in the background, coffee in hand, with no sense of urgency. Today, it’s different. We’d like to experience our first meal in a restaurant by the sea on a sunny day like today without the thought of rushing home to upload the post.

At this spot, there was a parking space where a few caravans had stopped to enjoy the sunny day. To the right, is the curve in the road, Captain Cook Highway which follows along the shoreline for many miles/kilometers.

Don’t get me wrong. I never dread this daily undertaking. Never. But, on days like today, having not planned a post in advance, my inept uncoordinated fingers are flying across the keyboard trying to avoid errors and hoping to be ready to go out the door in plenty of time, so we won’t be late.

And I promise we won’t be late. Not in posting before we go to the appointment nor in arriving on time for our 9 am appointment with Dr. Konny (yes, correct first name spelling). 

Tomorrow, we’ll be back with comments on Tom’s doctor appointment, my final test results, and how we actually spent the remainder of the day including our dining experience in a restaurant by the sea. Have a good day!

                                              Photo from one year ago today, July 20, 2014:

One year ago today, we drove on a mountain road in Madeira under this waterfall. On the post that day, we included a video as we drove under the waterfall, the entire time squealing with delight. To see that video, please click here.

Comments and responses Photos from a new area…Off to a Monday morning appointment…Never late if we can help it…An amazing video from one year ago…

  1. liz Reply

    Hi Jess you make me chuckle- is it a woman thing? Dave doesn't seem to see the crumbs either! I hoover and brush daily too but then we do have a dog.
    My mother also cleans and 'tidies' before her cleaner comes as she doesn't want to be embarrassed by their 'stuff'- but houses are to be lived in and show that by each families' activities and all that ensues.
    I am afraid I am one of those 'just do one more thing' but I do biuld in travel time and buffers into my time lines. The thinking behind it is that on return I know that x has been done and can relax and rest easy! i suppose it is a personality thing which for some when incompatible can be very irritating. My husband and I have very different approaches to the repetitive chores- I like to get them done and then look forward to the remaining time for my reward- rest/ special outing etc whereas Dave will put things off until the last minute. Either way it gets done but we are still learning to be gentle with one another's different approaches.Each couple find their rhythms and hopefully a convivial atmosphere.
    Good luck with the test results.
    Liz x

  2. Jessica Reply

    Liz, your comment makes me smile so much my face hurts as I read through it all. I totally agree with the glory that comes from getting things done in order to relax and do those more fun activities we all look forward to. Tom, too, puts things off until the last minute like Dave. I've learned not to nag at him, instead reminding him when there's barely enough time left to accomplish his task. It works. Who's to complain?

    It sounds as if you and Dave have figured out a way to be in step with being together more hours each day. Good couples manage to adjust with grace and ease.

    Thanks, my dear friend, for writing. We love hearing from you. Each time its a delightful surprise!

    Jess & Tom

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