Part 6…Lion Day!…If you think the Big Five is something…How about the “Ridiculous Nine!!!…Day spent in Kruger with friends!

Three lions lounging in the shade, always on the lookout for the next meal.

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

A couple of hippos and a yellow-billed stork at Kruger.

This morning, we’d planned to head to Kruger National Park but when it was raining upon awakening, we all agreed it made no sense to go today. The animals tend to take cover in the rain and we figured we’d be better off going on Friday.

A relaxed female resting in the shade of a tree.

Also, we were concerned we’d have fewer visitors in the garden if we stayed on the veranda all day in the rain.  Tom and I talked and suggested to Tom and Lois that we go back to Komatipoort for pellets and stop for lunch at local restaurant  Tambarina, known for their giant prawns.

Female lions often do the hunting.  The males will steal the kill, leaving the scraps for her and her cubs.

By 11:00 am after I’d done quite a bit of prep for tonight’s dinner including making pumpkin soup, salad, and bacony green beans as side dishes to the flatties we’ll be cooking on the grill soon, we were out the door and on our way to town.

A female resting beside her mating male.

The lunch was good and afterward, Lois and I perused some shops in Komatipoort while both Toms took off to get the pellets. Having completed our errands, we drove to Spar Supermarket for a few items.

Tom and Lois don’t generally eat low carb during their holiday/vacation but we’ve been making some of our favorite meals that fit into anyone’s way of eating.  

Two females and one male lion.

When I made pizza a few days ago, which I no longer can eat due to lactose intolerance, I made a separate meal for myself. Tonight’s dinner will work for me although there are a few items I’ll need to eat in moderation due to the higher carb count, particularly the soup.

Her eyes are always scanning the terrain for a potential m

After we returned to Marloth Park from our pleasant lunchtime outing, we found many animals not only on the roads once we entered the park but also waiting for us in the garden.  

What a beautiful face!

Since we positioned ourselves on the veranda they’ve been coming and coming, from giraffes in the garden next door to Wildebeest Wille to Medium Wart Face to Frank and The Mrs. and many others, more than we can count.

Need I say, our friends are having the time of their lives. Where does one ever go on vacation/holiday and have an experience like this hour after hour, day after day?  

A nice long stretch.

It certainly will leave both of them with wonderful memories and photos they’ll always cherish. For us, it has been a fantastic experience, being able to share our love and passion for wildlife and this magical place, one we’ll always treasure as well.

Enjoy today’s lion photos from our “Ridiculous Nine” sightings last Friday in Kruger while on a game drive. We’ll continue to share the balance of the nine stunning sightings over the next few days.

Such magnificent animals.

Thanks to all of our readers for sharing this special time with us! It means the world to us!

Have a very special day and evening!

Photo from one year ago today, October 17, 2017:

Her/his eyes opened and closed periodically while attempting to recover from hitting the glass in Costa Rica. For more photos, please click here.

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