Part 3…Unpublished photos from the Azamara cruise to Olden, Norway…

As you can see, there isn’t much of a population in Ollden, Norway, with only 479 residents.

Following are the photos of our visit to Olden, Norway. Captions are added when possible.

To visit Olden, Norway, we had to go on a tender (lifeboat) since the port didn’t have suitable docking space for large ships. We took this photo of our ship and the tender once we arrived on land.
There wasn’t a lot to see in Olden, a sleepy fishing village.
Boat houses along the water in Olden.
Our ship, the Azamara Journey, while waiting in the bay for passengers to see the village.

Here’s the post we published after visiting Olden, Norway, without photos due to the poor WiFi signal on the ship.

Day 5…Norway Cruise…Olden, Norway…Cruise demographics…Dancing while “rocking and rolling”…

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