Part 2, Happy May Day to all!…Milestone dates in May in our world travels…Crazy!…

We fell in love with a Northern Cardinal in Kauai, Hawaii, posting this video
in May 2015.  Click here for the link from that day.
“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”
This morning’s photo of Scar Face clearly illustrates his improvement.  We’re so excited to see his continuing recovery from this horrific injury. Now that the holidaymakers are mostly gone, he is stopping by several times a day.

Today we continue with Part 2 of specials days in May in our past travels. Yesterday, we left off in May 2014, and today we begin with May 2015. When reviewing posts from over the years, it’s always meaningful for us when one might perceive that the days and nights blur into one long period of worldwide experiences.

By looking back at old posts, we’re reminded how rich these past years have been, filled with such unusual and exciting (to us) places we’ve been and adventures we’ve had. Now, with only nine days until we depart for Livingstone, Zambia, we’re quickly reminded of the excitement and diversity of our travels.

No doubt, there are long stretches where we relax, stay at “home,” living a life not too dissimilar from yours. We find ways to entertain ourselves, cook, clean, do laundry, and socialize, which results in a very average and “normal” (if there is such a thing) lifestyle. 

Then again, our daily lives in Marloth Park are only expected for those who live here among us…a life far removed from our day-to-day in many other countries. However, as we look back at prior posts, like those listed below, we’re awestruck by other events we’ve been blessed to experience throughout the world. The month of May for 2015, 2016, and 2017 left us reeling with a sense of wonder and enrichment, as described below.

May 2015:  This particular May was bittersweet. We didn’t want to leave Kauai, one of our favorite islands in the world, especially with the reality of going two unique bird species to whom we’d become instead attached.   

One extraordinary adventure in Kauai was witnessing the Laysan Albatross pairs that nested in the neighborhood of many of our friends, allowing us to observe the miracle of life from the hatching of a single egg to the fledging of the chicks who had grown to 16 kg, (35 pounds) to begin their five-year journey out to sea.  Someday they’ll return to that same site with a lifelong mate to bring their little fledgling to life in this exact location.

(Note:  We send our love and prayers for all of the citizens of Kauai, Hawaii. They’ve suffered an outrageous flood that has devastated the island. The fantastic people of Kauai have gathered together to provide relief for those in need).

A newly hatched albatross chick nestled under a parent from this post in May 2015.

Seeing these lives evolve over the four months we spent living nearby was a gift. It was filled with the purest of pleasure and desire for knowledge of these magical bird’s lives. 

Astounding! It was hard to leave only one week before they’d all begin to fledge off the high cliffs in the area. Fortunately, our friends living in the neighborhood sent us videos of these astounding birds as they walked in their wobbly manner to the cliffs, spread their wings, and embarked on the journey of their lives.

Secondly, during these four months, we fell in love with a Northern Cardinal who visited us several times a day, often with his mate, singing a beautiful multi-layered song we’d never heard and may never hear again. Each day, I cut up bits of macadamia nuts and almonds, handing them over to him after he sang the song. It was a win-win for both of us. He sang. We rendered the nuts. You can hear his song on the video posted as the primary photo today.

This partnership we watched daily between Birdie and Ms. Birdie reminded us of the partnership we share, always looking out for one another. This was a favorite photo from our time in Kauai, ending on May 24th, 2015.

May 2016: This was a highly cultural and exciting time, the total of four months we spent in an exquisite home in Sumbersari Bali. It didn’t only consist of exceptional lounging days by the infinity pool overlooking the ocean but was rich in a wide array of cultural experiences we’ll never forget.

Here’s a photo we took on May 1, 2016, upon our arrival at the exquisite villa and the link with more photos from that day:

We spent many days and nights outdoors at this fine property and many enriching Balinese experiences.  Click here for this May 1st link.

Living in a remote area of Bali allowed us to see how people live away from the big cities, a life rich in simplicity, religion, love, and appreciation of the world around them. Here is a shrine we visited in this photo below:

On our walk down the narrow road to visit Gede’s family home, he pointed out this temple where his family worships.  For the link from this date in May, please click here.

May 2017:  Hoping to arrive in Minnesota by Memorial Day weekend, we took a side trip after the cruise from Sydney ended in Seattle, Washington, and embarked on a nine-night cruise to Alaska from Vancouver, British Columbia. It was the perfect segue back to North America to visit family, and we were grateful for the experience.

The cruise included many educational lectures and seminars about Alaska and numerous ports of call, all unique and exciting. We got off the ship at every port and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the culture of the small towns in this unusual part of the world. See the photo below of Hubbard Glacier, a highlight of the cruise:

We were in Alaska at the Hubbard Glacier on May 22, 2017, a stunning experience on which we embarked before heading to Minnesota to spend six weeks with family. For the link from this photo, please click here.

As we delved further into May 2017, we finally settled into our hotel for six weeks and spent precious time with our family members. In about 11 months, we’ll be back in Minnesota to see everyone once again.

Not only were the months of May spectacular in our lives of world travel, but so were the Januarys, the Februarys, the Marches, and on and on…Every day, week, month, and year hold a special significance in this remarkable life on the move.

It was a warm sunny day in Ketchikan, Alaska.  See this link for more photos.

We have no regrets. We’ve done exactly what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. We’ve felt no pressure or stress to accomplish any specific goals. We don’t particularly have a “bucket list,” nor are we attempting to visit a certain number of countries in any given time frame. 

And now, it’s May 2018, day two. So far this morning, we’ve had seven wildlife species come to visit, now that the bulk of the tourists have left. That’s a great start to May! By the end of the day, no doubt it will be more.

Tonight, we off to dinner at friends Kathy and Don’s home along the Crocodile River. Humans, animals…we love them all.

May your month of May be filled with rich experiences!

Photo from one year ago today, May 2, 2017:

A path to the aqua blue bay on an island port of call. For more details, please click here.

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