Part 1…Our year in review…Photos of us…Happy New Year to all!…Photos from last night’s celebration in Buenos Aires…

Us, last night on New Year’s Eve 2017.

There are a few things we’d like to mention as we begin today’s post.  One, we aren’t able to post the entire year’s photos of us in review due to Wi-Fi issues with so many people online in the hotel right now. 

Our second concern is that yesterday we’d promised to post our new itinerary for the future but, for those same reasons and the need for us to pin down a few more ideas on this topic, which we’ll do today and tomorrow, we won’t be posting it until January 3rd.  Sorry about that!

Margaret and Con, our new friends from the UK joined us for dinner in the dining room at the wonderful Prodeo Hotel in Palermo, Buenos Aires.  See more New Year’s Eve photos below.

Also, in our year in review photos, we did not include photos of our family during the six week Minnesota visit. To see those photos, please visit our archives on the right side of the main page under the Amazon link where it reads “Previous Posts.”  There were so many photos it was difficult to pick and choose.  The dates to search are from the end of May 2017 to July 6, 2017.

Cute, boys and their cars!  Tom and a 1962 Ford Galaxy 500 in Franklin, Tasmania.

Tom and I had grocery shopped yesterday to purchase food and drinks for the evening’s activities which we were sharing with Margaret and Con in the hotel’s dining room (with the owner’s permission) since the items on their menu didn’t comply with my way of eating.

Since it would be a long night until midnight to welcome the New Year, we decided we’d meet in the hotel’s dining room at 8:30 pm with the food and drinks which Tom and I set up shortly before Margaret and Con arrived.

We were happy to have photos of Bob, our dear friend, and landlord in Fairlight, Australia in 2017.  Sydney is in the background.

We’d planned on meats, cheeses, nuts, bread, and crackers (for them) as appetizers followed up by roasted chicken and salad later on.  We never got to the roasted chicken and salad after eating so many appetizers. 

Christina, a new friend we made aboard ship hung out with us on silent disco night while her fiance slept. 

Tonight, we meet again, this time at 7:00 pm and eat the balance of our food and hang out for more delightful conversation.  The time to midnight flew quickly and before we knew it Linda and Bill stopped by our table to invite the four of us to join their group of friends on the rooftop for the fireworks display.

Tom standing by the king on the giant hand-carved chess set at Butchart Gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Of course, the four of us were thrilled by the invitations as we made our way up to Michael’s penthouse apartment on the fourth level.  Michael is a full-time resident of Argentina and conducts his business from here.  The family is from New Jersey in the USA with homes in multiple locations.

My friend Chere with me when we had our Minnesota Readers Get-together. Chere and
I have stayed in very close touch during these years of travel.

The display was breathtaking during the 40 minutes we spent on the rooftop.  I haven’t taken many fireworks photos so I was challenged a bit with the settings in the dark which I’d failed to do in advance with such short notice.  As a result, I didn’t get many great photos.

Our waiter took this photo of us on our 26th anniversary of the day we met in Minnesota at this same location, now a different restaurant.

After the display, the four of us returned to our table in the dining room to finish our many bottles of red wine.  When I occasionally consume red wine (local Malbec is popular here) I usually don’t have more than one glass. 

Colorful fireworks display in Buenos Aires on New Year’s Eve.

Last night, while caught up in the flurry of the fun activity over the evening, I actually drank three glasses.  Ouch.  I’m sure feeling it today.  I suppose its a typical red wine hangover.  I guzzled down my mug of turmeric tea following by copious glasses of bottled water.

Big splash of light.

An hour ago, I headed up to our room to eat a few slices of cheddar cheese we have in our tiny fridge.  Later today, a nap will definitely be in order.  We never got to bed until 2:00 am, reminiscent of many nights on the most recent cruise when we were having “too much fun.”

Fireworks were on display in many areas of the city and we were in a perfect spot for viewing them, along with Margaret, Con, Linda, Bill and theirs and Michael’s friends.

Tonight, I’ll drink water instead of wine and hopefully, we’ll get to bed a little earlier.  One thing I’ve always known about a hangover, nothing like a good night’s sleep to cure it.  This doesn’t mean I won’t have a single glass of Malbec while out to dinner over these next three weeks until we fly to Ushuaia.

Linda and Bill, owners of the hotel invited us up to son Michael’s penthouse in the hotel to watch the fireworks at midnight.  What a spectacular view and display!

So…how was your New Year’s Eve?  We’d love to hear from you, either by email or posting on the “comments” section at the end of the post.  We wish the very best to each and every one of our worldwide readers and again thank all of you for making 2017 very special.  Love and hugs always!


Photo from one year ago today, January 1, 2017:

The photo we posted last New Year’s Day of a local deli we frequented in Penguin, Tasmania.  For more photos, please click here.

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