Part 1…Best anniversary day imaginable!…Reeling from a memorable experience at the world famous Namale Resort & Spa!

Inside the reception building, we asked a staff member to take our photo at Namale Resort & Spa as we celebrated our three year anniversary of traveling the world with a tour and lunch at the world renowned resort. 

Where do we begin?  It’s nearly impossible to describe the wonderful day we had yesterday on our third anniversary of traveling the world at the world renowned Tony Robbins Namale Resort & Spa, only a 30 minute drive from our current home in Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji.

The drive on a private road into Namale Resort & Spa, situated in a dense rainforest, gave us only a glimpse of the 525 acres of paradise which lie ahead.

Here are a few accolades regarding this upscale resort:

“#1 Most Romantic Resort in the South Pacific”
TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards

“One of the top 50 most romantic places on earth.”
Luxury Magazine

“All time winner of the resorts and great hotels of the world connoisseur choice award.”
Architectural Digest cover

The list of awards and recognition for this outstanding resort are as expected as the memorable experiences made for travelers who visit from all over the world, unsurpassed in many ways in its exquisite beauty, situated on 525 acres of rainforests, ocean cliffs and pristine beaches.

Throughout the grounds, there is minimal structured landscaping as often found in five star resorts, instead taking advantage of the natural beauty and vegetation which provides a backdrop to the many aspects of the resort.

Recently in June, Namale Resort & Spa celebrated its 25th anniversary while it continues to be heralded as one of the finest in the world in its service, amenities and unique design, more than any other resorts one may have visited in the past.

Sure, we could spend this entire post espousing the attributes of this upscale resort but, as our worldwide readers are well aware, we tend to share our personal experiences included into a review of any type of property.

As we neared Namale Resort & Spa, a sense of excitement washed over us both, having heard many positive comment about this property over these past few months we’ve spent living in Vanua Levu.

Over the next few days, we’ll excitedly share many photos and experiences we enjoyed at Namale over an almost four hour period we spent onsite, observing as much as possible of its endless offerings, its exemplary staff and its abundance of natural beauty so thoughtfully incorporated into its unique surroundings.

Its not easy to grasp the magnitude of 525 acres as we rode on a six passenger golf cart with our tour guide and hostess, Filo and friendly driver, Villi.  On occasion, Villi was radioed to attend to other guests and we continued joyfully on foot with Filo. 

Filo was gracious and thorough in her tour of the vast property.  With full occupancy, we weren’t able to see the interior of any of the villas although more detailed photos may be found online at Namale Resort & Spa.

It was a hot and humid day but with nary a complaint we wandered about the vast property on foot able to easily gain access to the many ocean scenes that mesmerized guests who’ve found this astounding resort for their honeymoon, an anniversary, or a quiet therapeutic get away, most certainly at a premium cost.

Many travelers from throughout the world choose to visit Namale Resort & Spa for its seminars held a few times each year, held in its onsite seminar facilities.

The views are varied in their breathtaking beauty.

With rates beginning at approximately USD $1,400, FJD $3017 per night and up, depending on choice of accommodations, this resort isn’t for many travelers. Unfortunately, an overnight stay at Namale Resort & Spa didn’t fit into our world travel budget, although we were appreciative to have had the opportunity for our visit. 

The all inclusive resort is closed to outside dining guests but, accommodations were made for our visit, tour and lunch, all of which far surpassed our expectations.

A few weeks ago, we shared a glimpse of this swimming raft available exclusively for Namale’s guests when we visited the Blue Lagoon from the opposite side of the bay.

As explained by our host, Nowdla Keefe, co-general manager, who’d arranged our visit and stopped by our table during our meal,  80% of guests are from the US, many of whom may have been familiar with its owner and creator, the highly regarded personal and business motivational speaker and finance strategist, Tony Robbins.

Having personally attended several of his US seminars over my business career, many of his philosophies still remain embedded into my brain yet today as is the case for many who followed his wisdom and career over the decades. 

With accommodations for 44 guests, the marina is small but situated in a quiet cove.  Many tourists visit for snorkeling and scuba diving in the coral reef surrounding the property.

However, we visited Namale Resort and Spa with a scrutinous eye, not blinded by past experience, intended to examine its many offerings with our three year’s of non-stop world travel experience, no longer enthralled with opulence as a definitive medium of excellence and integrity.

Each narrow pebbled path leads to yet another pleasing view.

We were never disappointed as Filo wowed us, time after time, over the care and consideration exercised throughout the design, development and the maintenance of this fine property, which in its 25 years, never appeared dated or tired as many five star resorts many may succumb to over time.

Technology was at its most current, as was each of its many recreational areas, utilizing the most up-to-date equipment and amenities. Nothing was spared in presenting an appearance and sense of what would expect to find in an upscale resort built today, even in this remote island paradise.

There is one inviting seating area after another near restaurants and activity areas.  The palm laying on the deck are being used to make a variety of decorative items used in the resort.

Above all, we were most impressed by the gentle, calming nature of the extraordinary conscientious staff, eager to please at every point. 

In tomorrow’s post, we’ll share photos of a few of the fine staff members we had the opportunity to meet and engage in conversation, truly one of the highlights of our special day.  Plus, we’ll be including photos of the many recreational and amenities buildings located on this fine property and of course, our memorable lunch.

See you soon with much more!


Photo from one year ago today, November 1, 2014:

Last year’s two year travel anniversary was relatively uneventful with a disappointing dinner in a local restaurant in Maui, although we were happy and grateful to celebrate another year.  For details, please click here.

Comments and responses Part 1…Best anniversary day imaginable!…Reeling from a memorable experience at the world famous Namale Resort & Spa!

  1. Staci Finch Thompson Reply

    So glad you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing the pictures and your adventure!

  2. Jessica Reply

    Staci, thanks so much. We continue to be amazed by having subjects for photos in this relatively remote island. With a few days over a month left on this island and many photos yet to share, I think we'll be OK for our remaining posts.

    In a few days, we'll be posting photos of a fabulous new location we've booked. We can't wait to share it, including a great story that goes along with it.

    Much love to you both,
    Jess & Tom

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