Part 1…An inquiry from an old friend and long time reader…

Tall three story house and a stone yard in the neighborhood.

When I visited Facebook this morning for a quick peek of what’s going on with family and friends, I noticed a private message from my dear friend Cathy in Minnesota.  We’ve stayed in touch now and then as we have with many of our treasured friends so appreciating the occasional back and forth communication.

Cathy wrote:
“So this is my question for you two. Honestly have you ever gone someplace and after about a couple of weeks wish the stay was shorter? With your back hurting the way it does sometimes do you wish you were closer to a doctor. I just know how painful back problems are from experience.  I read your blog everyday.”

Single story apartment building in the neighborhood.

When I saw Cathy’s private message in Facebook it inspired me to write an answer to her questions in today’s and tomorrow’s posts as honestly and forthright as possible, never with the intention of complaining or diminishing the lovely property in which we’re staying.  Today is about our response to the our current situation, not so much about the property itself.

In these many past posts I’ve been fully aware that every few days, I’ve whined about my condition for a few reasons; one, to explain why we aren’t out exploring and taking many photos; two, we promised early on we’d always “tell it like it is.”  Its bothered me to mention it as much as I have and I imagine some readers may have thought, “Enough already!”  We understand this.

But, many thoughts come to mind when we’re telling it like it is, good or not-so-good, mainly prompted by my following statement.

Carved markers at a local cemetery.

Isn’t it disappointing when you thought you’ve been reading a memoir, only to find out later that the author embellished the story to make it appear to be more interesting?  What about hearing that a favorite reality type show has scripted dialogue when at the time you enjoyed what appeared to be real and genuine conversation?

When we started these posts on March 15, 2012, never knowing how long we’d last, we decided to always tell it truthfully without embellishment or “fluff” to make it more interesting.  Today’s post is #1474. Many have been mundane.  Others have been exciting.

And even, during quiet times when our readership may decline for a period, we continue to stay on the path of our reality, as we see it, as we feel it, knowing that in times to come it will become more exciting and the readership kicks back up to exciting numbers.

Close up of markers at a local cemetery.

This is our lives.  We don’t make it up as we go.  We live it.  We share it in as close to “real time” as possible, usually no more than one day later (except for posting lengthy tours over a period of days/weeks as we’d done for the recent Mekong River cruise).

We’ve often commented when we’ve noticed celebrities/politicians and public figures contradicting themselves, how its hard to remember falsehoods one has told.  But, the truth is always easy to recall.

To quote Abraham Lincoln, “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” So true.

Low tide at a local beach.

The dilemma we always face is never devaluing the quality of a property and the often phenomenal customer service and care we’ve received from property owners and managers, as is the case here in Phuket. 

The owner has been prompt in responding to any of our needs.  The property is impeccably maintained, the amenities are of good quality and the twice weekly four person cleaning staff has been a godsend.  Even the Wi-Fi has been exceptional, something we may appreciate more than others.

Thus, in response to my friend Cathy’s inquiry we share a few facts we’ve brushed over in prior posts, mainly to keep the complaining under control.  in response to the first part of her question; “Honestly have you ever gone someplace and after about a couple of weeks wish the stay was shorter?”

Statues outside a gated property.

The answer is relatively easy in regard to our current situation…a resounding “yes.” But, this affirmative answer is totally predicated by my current health condition.  We have lived in many locations with what many would consider unbearable heat and humidity with nary a complaint from either of us.

We spend three months each in Kenya and South Africa sitting outdoors all day in some of the worst heat and humidity of our lives never giving the weather conditions much of a thought other than when we had to go indoors during storms.  It is very hot in Bali but there, too we spent most of our time outdoors until my injury. 

It was a scorcher in Dubai, at times in Italy, in Marrakech and the list goes on and on.  Somehow, here in Phuket, being in pain has made the heat inside the house unbearable for me. 

Seating configuration since we moved the two side chairs to the bedroom in order to stay cool.

The air con in the living area, dining room and kitchen doesn’t work well due to the vaulted ceilings.  There’s no breeze this far from the sea.  The limited number of outlets make it difficult to property position the two floor fans.  Extension cords aren’t used much in many countries as they are in the US. 

Yesterday, we gave up trying to spend our days in the living room where the heat is unbearable. Tom moved the two relatively comfortable side chairs from the living room to the bedroom.  Adding lots of pillows to my chair has made it all the more comfortable.  The ceiling in the master bedroom is lower.  The air con works great. 

When I become uncomfortable sitting, I walk around the house  for a bit or move to the bed for a few minutes to lay on my side to work out the kinks.  At the moment this plan is a good work around.  Before we leave Tom will return the furniture to its original location.  

Fishing at the shallow beach at low tide.

When the cleaning/house management staff arrived this morning while I was preparing this post, we inquired as to having the air con in the living room fixed so we won’t be trapped in the bedroom around the clock.  Promptly Pon, the English speaking staff member, contacted the air con company who will come out today to see if its fixable.  If so, we won’t be trapped in the bedroom for the next three weeks.  This would be an ideal solution.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back with what transpired with the air con repair and also the answer to the second part of Cathy’s question “With your back hurting the way it does sometimes do you wish you were closer to a doctor?”

Cathy, thanks for your thoughtful inquiry.  We both appreciate your kindness and your friendship.


Photo from one year ago today, August 10, 2015:

During our past visits, the kangaroos ran off.  On this particular occasion, they watched us for awhile and then ran off.  For more photos, please click here.

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