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TJ checking out the the rocky terrain at the Kapolo Tide Pools .

At least every third day we go to the Pahoa Marketplace, a handy strip-type mall a short 10 minute drive from our home.  There’s a video at this link below explaining how close it actually is to taking out the grocery store and gas station we currently use when shopping for groceries to fill in our supply from Safeway in Hilo.

As we drove to the Kapolo Tide Pools, we passed this National Guard vehicle.  The guards were close to the shore enjoying a view of the ocean, most likely during a lunch break.

The road we traveled to the tide pools, one we had traveled earlier.  We continued to be in awe of the beauty.

Hopefully, by Wednesday, (tomorrow) a viewing area will be opened for the public to see the lava at the Pahoa Transfer Station.  Of course, we’ll quickly be on our way to see the lava as soon as the area is open. 

Another beautiful section of the narrow road.

We often drive by the National Guard tents where they are securing the lava area, wondering when we’ll have an opportunity to see this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.  We can hardly wait.

Our family members found a level spot easier for getting in and out of the tide pools. 

As for the six of us, yesterday we visited the Kapoho Tide Pools at long last.  Speaking of spectacles, this spot is ideal for the avid snorkeler.  Walking across the large lava rocks is quite a challenge.  To avoid turning an ankle I only went so far when I found a flat surface on which I could take photos which we’ve included today.

The tide pools were filled with interesting fish, an ideal spot for the snorkeler.

For the swimmer or very young children, the treacherous walk wouldn’t make it the right spot for them. 

A huge tree trunk had landed on the lava rock, most likely during a storm or hurricane.

There is a countless number of tide pools.

I’m sure as the remainder of the family arrives, we’ll visit these tide pools and the other tide pool at Ahalanui Park that we visited last week where there’s an easier to access single large tide pool with warm water in a more park-like setting.

Amazingly, vegetation grows out of the lava rock.

The tide pools weren’t packed with visitors.  For one reason, it isn’t easy to find; for another, the lava covered long walk from the road isn’t for everyone.  Also, its a long walk from the parking area to the tide pools.

Unfortunately, the road to the Hawai’i Volcano National Park is closed at this time due to the lava.  Ironic, isn’t it?  That which attracts many visitors to this island is inaccessible at this time. 

Every direction we turned, there was a grouping of tide pools.

Then again, its all a part of Madam Pele’s, the goddess of volcanoes, bigger plan, none of which us or any scientists are certain at this point.  I suppose it’s the mystery of it all that adds to the excitement.

More vegetation growing from the lava.

More huge lava formations.

Our plan today is a trip to Hilo, a last trip to the Pahoa Marketplace to take photos while its still standing and perhaps a visit to a museum.  Its all dependent upon the weather.  If the sun comes out, which currently its not, we’ll do outdoor activities.  If its cloudy, we’re off to Hilo for the museum and dinner out.

All of the dozen or so houses near the tide pools, were on stilts such as this, necessary to protect them from hurricanes and unusually high tides.

At the far upper left in this photo is the lanai of a house, jutting high above the pools.  Its difficult for homeowners in the area.  They are constantly dealing with cars and tourists traipsing across their property.  We parked in the designated parking lot, making the long walk.  We hope others do the same.

May your Tuesday be pleasing and full of wonderful surprises.

Photo from one year ago today, December 16, 2013:

We laughed when we zoomed in on the back legs of a warthogs.  These look like women’s high heeled boots at first glance. For more on warthogs, please click here.

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