Only two days until Sydney…Tomorrow’s a packing day…Figuring out time differences…

This didn’t look fun to us but we commend the performers for their skill and bravery.

Please bear with us with our comments about dates may not match based on your location. At the moment we’ll be 15 hours later from we’ll be living near Cairn’s, Australia and for example, Minnesota with a 17 hour time difference for Los Angeles and Nevada.

We took these photos from the seventh deck where our cabin is located.

No doubt this is tricky. However, in each case, we’ll figure it out. Once we arrive, we’ll email our family members with suggested times for calls. If it takes us staying up late or getting up early for calls, we’re happy to do so.

Now, as the time of the cruise winds down we’re actually looking forward to the next step in our journey and getting the tough parts behind us; going through customs and immigration both requiring lengthy lines. Our documents are in order and we have no purchases to declare, neither of which will greatly reduce our waiting time.

The aerial acrobats were practicing for tonight’s entertainment.

At this point in most cruises, we never feel sad that the cruise is ending and the “holiday” is over. As always, we’re anticipating the next leg with enthusiasm and a sense of adventure.

My stomach lurched when she jumped off the ledge.
Have we loved this cruise? Overall, we have. The passengers we’ve met have made this a memorable cruise enabling us to meet many lovely people with whom we’ll hopefully stay connected for years to come. While we were seated today for the past three hours in the Schooner Bar attempting to prepare today’s post, we’ve been distracted by many interesting people who’ve stopped by to visit. 
They were practicing today when yesterday’s rough seas made it impossible.

After posting from this very same spot day after day, we’ve become “fixtures” that have elicited a certain degree of curiosity, inspiring a number of passengers who, we’d yet to meet to stop by asking what we possibly can be doing sitting in this exact spot day after day, feverishly typing away.

Today, we’ve become so wrapped up in an interesting conversation with a couple from India, we couldn’t pull ourselves away long enough to get back to the post.  We apologize for the delay. Then again, our readers certainly understand how easy it is to get distracted when among interesting people.

Passengers were gathered at the railing on many decks.

Now, with an upcoming seminar, I’ll have to pick up the pace and wrap up here s a bit early for today. Tom has already left for the cabin to drop off his computer while I wrap it up here with a plan to meet me at 2:00 pm. Most likely wherever you may be our time zones won’t coincide. 

At this point, four performers were hanging above the Centrum.

We’ll continue to try to figure out the time difference as we go along, being more specific as we pin down our exact location in the next few days. It appears there are several times zones in Australia.

Have a great Monday or Tuesday depending on where you are on the map in this massive world of ours.

                                                Photo from one year ago today, June 9, 2014:

The terraced gardens in the mountains and hills of Madeira was always a sight to behold. For details of that post, please click here.

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