No event in Geeveston…Perceptions of time passing too quickly…

The clouds quickly rolled in as we stopped for photos of the Geeveston Community Church. 

Yesterday, after uploading the post and taking care of a few online tasks we headed out the door for an outdoor event in the tiny town of Geeveston, a short distance from Castle Forbes Bay.

Last week we’d seen a sign on the highway advertising an annual event transpiring on February 1st. In verifying this online, we noticed the past two years the event actually took place on February 1st preventing us from further research.

Sunny day scene overlooking the Huon River.

Alas, as we approached Geeveston, we realized that the signage was confusing when they all read February 1st when the event was actually occurring on the first Sunday in February.

We stopped at the local IGA market for a few nonperishables and the pharmacy for a much needed nail polish for the upcoming cruise on March 1st for my usual at-home pedicure.

Rolled bales of hay on the hillside overlooking the Huon River.

Back on the road we began the drive out of town, only moments later to encounter a deluge of rain with more dark clouds on the horizon.  With neither of us particularly enjoying sightseeing in the rain (when we don’t have to) we turned around to head back “home.”

The remainder of the day flew by.  Before we knew it, dinner was over and we continued watching yet another episode of “Game of Thrones.” We’re still on season one, making our way to season two by tomorrow evening at two episodes a night.

Yesterday, on our way to Geeveston we spotted these two ferries at Huon Bay.  Apparently, these ferries don’t offer services to locals.

We only watch movies or TV shows in the evenings, preferring to stay more in tuned with our surroundings during the day.  Neither of us ever wants to be those people who sit in front of the TV all day out of touch with the world around them.  Of course, we watch local news for updates daily. 

Time would seem to slip by mindlessly if we made our lives center around watching TV.  Its bad enough how much time we spend online but then again, its a necessary aspect of our lives of world travel. 

For instance, recently we’ve been purchasing supplies online for a shipment we’ll be requesting from our mailing service in Nevada in the next few days.  Both  of our renewed driver’s licenses will be included in that package. 

We’d hoped for a drive to the countryside but turned around to return home when it began raining.  We don’t enjoy road trips in rain especially when taking photos is less desirable.

Tom’s license had expired on his birthday on December 23rd, mine not until my birthday this month.  His  new license arrived at our mailing service prior to its expiration date. 

The guy at the rental car facility seemed unconcerned with the fact that Tom’s license would expire during the car rental period from December 3, 2016 to March 1, 2017. He mentioned it, dismissing any concern when we explained that we’d both already applied online for the renewals which we previously processed online in Bali months earlier.

A type of succulent growing on the grounds of our holiday home.

Its astonishing that its February already when a year ago we were living on the alpaca farm in New Zealand.  Where did the time go?  In 79 days, we’ll be boarding the ship in Sydney, Australia to leave the South Pacific after spending almost two years in this part of the world. 

On April 22nd, we’ll be on our way to the US on a 24 night cruise from Sydney to Seattle.  Once there, where we’ll make our way to Vancouver where we’ll board yet another cruise (two days later) for nine nights in Alaska.  From there, we’ll fly to Minnesota on May 26th for a six week visit with family.

A few days ago while the sun was shining, the blue sky reflected on the sea creating this bright blue image.

There’s still so much world awaiting us as time flies at an unrecognizable pace.  It reminds us that each day is a gift to be treasured whether we’re sightseeing, meeting people, or simply lounging at our temporary home.  Today, its still raining.  We’ll stay put while cherishing the day.

Hope your day is filled with sunshine even if clouds are on the horizon.


Photo from one year ago today, February 2, 2016:

A historic church in New Plymouth, New Zealand came to an end due to lack of earthquake proof construction.  For more on this story, please click here.

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