No April fool here…Good humor travels well…Beautiful and freaky sunset…Living with leftovers…

This scene made us squeal with delight! How magical! See below for more.

As a person who always got on board for holiday-related festivities, I’ve never been much interested in April Fool’s Day antics and trickery. Oh, I don’t mind observing the antics of others, often finding considerable humor in their efforts.  

For us, every one of our days has a wide array of silly antics and events that make us laugh, whether it’s something we’ve said and done to one another or the antics of the familiar birds that visit us several times a day.

This was the first view when we stepped outdoors onto the front lanai, the sunset over Hanalei Bay. The sky was covered with dark clouds except for this opening.

Last night, while it was still light, we sat down to an early dinner at 6:15 to find three of our bird visitors standing on the railing to the lanai looking at us, chirping loudly at us, as if to say, “What’s for dinner?” 

We only feed them a small amount of raw unsalted nuts a few times each day. Perhaps, the smell of our dinner attracted them, although we’ve never given them “people food,” nor will we. We often see tourists feeding the chickens and birds bread crumbs, chips, and fries. This can’t be good for them. 

We thought it would be gone in seconds.

We learned not to feed wildlife “people food” in the wild. We don’t feed the animals anything other than that which they may find in the wild or, in the case of Marloth Park, the nutritional pellets developed specifically for them. Birds eat nuts, seeds, worms, grub, and whatever other morsels nature provides for them.

We laughed over their chirping at us but stayed put, relishing in our delicious meal while watching a Season 3 episode of “Sons of Anarchy” on my laptop which we strategically placed on the small table. We often watch a “Sons” episode during dinner each night, having started with Season 1 a few months ago. It’s a great show, surprising both of us that I like it.

We assumed this was its final descent, turning to walk back inside.

After dinner, Tom took care of the dishes as always while I put away the leftovers we’ll again devour tonight. In reality, I only cook three or four times a week, always making enough for two, or even three nights of leftovers, if it’s a favorite. We’ve found that making larger quantities of our favorite meals with leftovers is a perfect way of saving money and time. 

Any foods leftover after three days we dispose of but, after doing this for the past few years, we’ve become adept at preparing the almost exact correct amounts. If on the first night, we notice we have more than three nights of a particular item, we’ll freeze an extra portion, label it to place in the freezer. 

As I began to turn off the camera and cover the lens, Tom spun me around and said, “Wait, Sweetie!  It’s peeking out from the clouds below.”.

It’s just as easy to make a larger quantity of a dish than to make separate meals each night. Having lost interest in standing in the kitchen for hours at a time, our low carb meals are usually quick and easy to make. 

Even the low carb, grain, starch, and sugar-free pizza I made on Monday didn’t take more than 30 minutes of prep time and 40 minutes of baking time. Of course, we don’t prepare extra steaks or chops, instead, making those fresh each day.

As quickly as possible I restarted the camera and flicked off the lens cover to get this peculiar shot.

On Monday night, I ate a slice of the tasty filling pizza with Tom later deciding to let him have the leftovers on Tuesday and Wednesday when it’s one of his favorite meals. Last night, I opted for a bacon-wrapped wild-caught salmon burger from Costco, which was as good as the pizza, along with a salad. 

Tonight, I’ll wrap a second salmon burger in the leftover uncooked bacon and pop it into the oven for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. Yesterday, I made a big romaine lettuce salad with lots of veggies and enough for leftovers again tonight. 

It rapidly progressed leaving unique scenes in their place.

This morning Tom had those low carb breakfast “muffins” a recipe I posted a few weeks ago in the form of a baked dish instead of muffins. Now, for ease and time savings, I make the entire recipe, pouring it into one glass baking pan lined in parchment paper as opposed to making it into muffins. (The paper tends to stick to the eggs and also to the pan if there’s an overflow). 

Then, cutting the baked egg dish into 12 squares when cooled from the oven, I place three pieces into each of four Ziplock bags and freeze them, taking out a new bag every three days, letting it defrost in the refrigerator overnight. This way, Tom heats the square every morning for 30 seconds after cutting it into smaller pieces to ensure even heating. Voila! A quick and easy breakfast.

I could barely hold the camera still, I was so excited. Next time, we’ll use the tripod.

If I have an inkling for an evening snack, a handful of macadamia nuts or a piece of a homemade protein bar hits the spot. (Most store-bought protein bars have sugar, chemicals, carbs, and grains whereby homemade bars do not). Tom’s picky taste buds leave him few options for snacking at night. He may have a few slices of cheese or some low sugar jerky (found here at Foodland). 

Once a week, I do some baking; his eggs, our low carb muffins and scones, and now my latest passion for these protein bars, easy to make. (OK.  I know we’ll get requests for the recipe for the bars, so please write to me if you’d like it).

As soon as the dishes were done, Tom grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s watch the sunset from the front lanai.  The sun’s moved to the north since we arrived and now we can see it from there.” 

Almost gone, still exquisite…

When last month the condo maintenance people trimmed the trees in front of the building and the sun’s position had changed, we now have a perfect viewing spot from the front of the building. Also, recently it’s been cloudy at sunset, and it’s been a rare occurrence to be able to watch the sunset.

We chuckled when we stepped outside on the lanai. Tom counted 18 cars parked on the street in order for both tourists and residents to watch the sunset across the street from the lookout. Also, dozens of sunset watchers were rushing on foot clamoring to get a good spot for viewing.

We had a “birds-eye view” without crossing the road. I had changed into my lounging pj’s and loved it that I didn’t have to change back into my clothes as I’ve done on a few occasions when earlier we hadn’t been able to see the sunset from here.

Gone, amid my tilted camera angle, so enthralled with the views.

When taking sunset photos, I often take a few dozen shots. The challenge is attempting to decide which are worthy of posting here. Actually, this is often the case with many photos we take. Over time, I’ve reduced the number of shots I take of any particular scene, often taking only one shot and checking it out on the viewfinder.  

A sunset deserves multiple shots as it changes in the blink of an eye. Today, as we often do with sunset shots, we show the best shots of the progression. It’s funny, throughout the world we all have the opportunity to witness the sunset and yet, our perspective and subsequent photos are always unique and breathtaking.

Have a fabulous April Food’s Day, antics and all…

                                             Photo from one year ago today, April 1, 2014:

A year ago we stumbled upon this excellent restaurant which we later returned to for another meal. The food was amazing, the service exceptional and the ambiance inviting. For details from that date, please click here.

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